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Dull Character: how to Create the Most Boring Personage

June 16th, 2016

There are books which allure the readers with bright covers and intriguing titles, but bore to death from the first several pages. There are stories, written by absolutely unknown writers, which grab the attention and never let the readers go until the last page is turned. What is the secret of turning a book into […]

Time-Management for Writers

June 8th, 2016

One day is 24 hours. That is how it used to be 20 years ago and this is what we have today. Although the duration of a day hasn’t changed it still seems that we have less and less time nowadays. Having all modern technology of the age people approach life differently today than they […]

Decided to become a writer? Choose a pen name!

May 30th, 2016

Have you ever thought about how cool it is to have a pen name? Maybe you read the book and saw the pen name of the author and thought that it was pretty neat. But when it comes to choosing your own pen name or pseudonym, it may get quite difficult. It is one thing […]

How to Write Perfect Fiction: 6 Unconventional Tips

May 19th, 2016

Writing a good book isn’t that easy as it may seem at first. You can read many articles on how to be a good writer or find many useful tips to write a book but that doesn’t mean the writing process will be easy and smooth. Although it is useful to read some materials like […]

Top 20 Millionaires who have Earned Their Money by Writing

May 12th, 2016

Who told you that earning fortunes by writing is impossible? The list of the 20 wealthiest writers in the world will dismiss your doubts! Surprisingly, but most of the millionaire writers start their writing career being poor and rejected by the top publishing companies. So, in addition to exceptional talent, it is essential to be […]

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