What is a Descriptive Essay?

Not sure how to write a descriptive essay? If you buy descriptive essay services, from WeWriteOnline.com, you will receive a custom paper written just for you. Before we go into detail, here is the definition of a descriptive essay: It is a type of writing assignment that involves describing an objective, person, place, event, or process. The purpose of this essay is to allow the reader to fully understand the subject being written about in a clear, vivid way as if showing them through words rather than telling them.

How is this achieved? By appealing to the five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. (Ex: I dipped a silver spoon into the jar of honey and dribbled it onto the warm, fluffy pancake. I felt sorry for the bees who will never get a chance to taste the honey of their own labor.) You want the reader to have a true, sensual experience, and this is what a good descriptive essay achieves. Of course, your paper should also serve a purpose. For example, you might want to share a childhood memory, and the best way to do this is by allowing the reader to feel the warmth and taste the foods of your youth through your colorful descriptions. Ultimately, this assignment is about taking your thoughts and bringing them to life.

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Writing a Great Descriptive Essay

Selecting a Topic

A work that is usually concentrated on describing a particular object, person, situation, or event is called a descriptive essay. When producing this paper, you need to look at the topic from different angles and cover it completely, so that readers can clearly understand the main idea. By using different means, you should help readers create an image of what you are describing.

Your paper should be structured logically. Thus, it will be easier for you to illustrate the key point of your work. For example, if you are going to provide a detailed description of an event, the paragraphs of your essay should go chronologically. On the contrary, if you are intended to talk about a place or person, you need to present general information first. Then, each paragraph should give meticulous details of the examined matter. It is important to remember that the introduction defines the direction in which the paper will be written in. Therefore, it is crucial to present the main idea appropriately. As a result, the reader will properly understand your message.

Writing a Thesis Statement

When the above-mention step is made, it is time to move to the next one, namely creating a good thesis statement. It should represent the central point of your work each aspect of which will be discussed in every paragraph. In other words, it should outline the goal of your project. It can be said that a thesis statement sets up a plan according to which your paper will be written.

Brainstorming Ideas

Take a sheet of paper and draw five columns. Each of them will correspond to one of the five senses i.e. smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound. Such a table will help you arrange your thoughts and explore the aspects (the mentioned senses) of your paper in detail. In order to make the writing process easier, try to answer the question about whether you can evoke any feelings connected with a particular point of your descriptive essay or not. Strive to provide compelling arguments to prove your thesis. You can use such literary devices as similes, epithets, metaphors, and others.

When the table of five columns is ready, you can begin filling it in with vivid details which then will be used for supporting your thesis. The listed items should be described in the body paragraphs. Mind that each paragraph should start with a topic sentence and discuss a particular idea relating both to the introduction and thesis.

Making an Outline

The outline should present the points that will be covered in every paragraph. It should be admitted that high school students are usually asked to produce a paper including five paragraphs while the college ones can decide on the paper length on their own. A five-paragraph work usually comprises of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Writing the Conclusion

The concluding section summarizes the whole paper. If required, it should restate your thesis once again. It is very important to write a conclusion clearly as it is the last thing which will be looked through by your readers. Therefore, it should leave them with a vivid impression.

Reviewing Your Descriptive Essay

Writing a paper is not easy. Therefore, one should take a rest after the essay is completed. You may go for a walk with your friends, watch a movie, do jigsaw puzzles, etc. In this way, you will be able to free your mind from a large amount of information and relax. After a certain period of time, you should go back to your piece of writing. Now, you will analyze it from the reader’s point of view.

After having a little rest, you need to read your paper once again. Imagine that you are not the author of the essay but the reader. Think about whether you understand everything well. Is the work written logically? It is reasonable? Can you identify the key point of the produced piece of writing? Are the paragraphs placed in a logical order? Are there any confusing sentences in the paragraphs? Is it necessary to rewrite any of the paper sections?

Pay attention to such issues as the use of language. All words should be used in their proper meaning because the readers’ understanding of the text depends on it. The clearer you express your thoughts, the easier it will be to deliver your key message to readers. You need to provide detailed information about the discussed matter. Only in this case, readers will be able to form a particular viewpoint about the subject of your paper. Besides, by presenting hard facts and exact details, you will be able to explain why the discussed topic has a significant meaning.

Now it is time for you to read the whole paper aloud. It can help you find the inconsistencies your paper may contain. You can ask your friend or relative to listen to your text and then state their opinion about it. After that, you should request someone else to read your work. Ask them whether all paper aspects are examined thoroughly. Perhaps some points should be clarified or some details are missed.

Final Stage

At this final point, you do need to read your descriptive paper again. It is even better to say that you need to scrutinize it thoroughly. Pay careful attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Make sure that your essay does not contain any mistakes. Note that it is better to remove clichés if there are any in your essay. In case you have found some sections that do not bear a descriptive character or are illogical, you should rephrase them. After that, you should read your paper aloud as many times as needed to make sure that it is perfect and meets your expectations. You should keep in mind that making detailed checks of your paper is very useful.

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