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The Financial Crisis

The global financial crisis broke out in 2007 and had been unabated till 2012. Some analysts believe that the consequences of the recent financial crisis have been already mitigated. However, there is still much speculation about it.


New Culture

Going Ashore highlights the story of Hema and Kaushik who meet in Rome after a long period. Hema has a study grant and visiting lectureship in Rome, while Kaushik is on vacation in line with his award as a brilliant photojournalist. Kaushik does not care about his Indian origin and has fully adopted the Western culture.


Religious Discrimination

Key Issues in Religious Discrimination Approached from a Human Resources Point of View Globalization has transformed society by influencing demographics within populations. In turn, this affects the diversity of the workplace settings by facilitating the easy movement of people from one place to another, thus increasing the populations of the minority groups working in various companies.


Climate Change and Disease

Climate change has resulted in negative impacts on different sectors of human life. The primary cause of global warming remains to be human activities that are responsible for the emission of greenhouse gasses. Currently, climate change is linked to the increased northward bound mobilization of tropical and subtropical disease causing vectors.


Community Health of Clark County

Identification of Community Clark County is a county that is situated at the southwestern part of the state of Washington and is divided by the Columbia River (Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency, 2011). The county is in the evergreen region meaning that it experiences a favorable climate with wet weather during fall, mild winters in […]


Ecological Model

Abstract This research highlights the definition of the ecological model and determines the dynamic interrelations of its different parts. It explores the impact of the environment on human development in the context of the at-risk tree and Bronfenbrenner’s circular ecological model. The analysis of the ecological model’s impact on human behavior, attitudes and development in […]



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