Being well versed in the principles of business letter writing is a rare skill nowadays since the majority of people prefer emails and other online means of communication. However, in some business settings, writing a business letter may be required according to some regulations and duties. Therefore, for a person not knowing how to deal with the paper, the most prudent decision may be to seek help from a business letter writing service and hire an experienced writer from there. Being accustomed to technological advancements and fast communication, where ideas and messages bounce off each other, it may be extremely hard for one to recall the principles of writing. However, a business letter is considered a default means of formal communication. You should definitely know how to succeed in it even for the sake of submitting quality business letters as a type of academic assignment.

Are you wondering how to provide a quality business letter? Have you ever thought of its specific features that make it outstanding and essential for communication? Have you ever considered what principles should be followed in order to make letter writing informative and not as boring as you might think? It may not be easy to answer all of these questions. Besides, fulfilling a business letter successfully is definitely more challenging than you might ever thought of. Nonetheless, to be a step closer to business letter writing, check out the main writing guidelines presented in this article.

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The main mission of our company is to help you convey your message effectively and clearly. As such, you can trust our company with any types of a business letter you need to submit. Whatever letter you order from us, keep in mind that it will have a proper command of English, credibility, good structure, and a lasting impression on your target reader. What do you need to know before placing a letter order with First of all, you should need to know what is a business letter writing process and what types of letters there exist. Find the information below.

Business Letter Types:

  1. Formal business letter writing. This is a standardized type of ordinary business writing that is used for official and legal correspondence. Formal letters relate to business deals, sales reports, formal agreements, settlement of disputes, making claims, and other official matters.
  2. Informal business letter writing. This is a more laid-back writing style as the style is colloquial, which means that one should not necessarily adhere to the formal tone of language. Documents that belong to the informal writing category are: emails, letters of complaint, cover letters, appraisals, letters of reference, post-interview thank you letters, and others.

What Is a Business Letter Structure?

When working on a business letter, you should definitely know for sure what parts it consists of. Check out the most important parts that you should definitely include in the outline:

Parts of a Business Letter

  1. Letterhead. This is the letter heading that is placed at the top of the paper. As a rule, the heading should contain such information as the sender’s full name, the name of the organization one works at, and its logo. Some large enterprises and corporations may have a previously prepared letterhead with all the essential information. For many large businesses, it is a sign that a company has an excellent reputation. Nonetheless, small firms and businesses do not have this pre-written letterhead, so one should provide this information manually.
  2. Date. It is crucial to provide the exact date when the letter was written. The date is placed right below the letterhead. Remember that the date should be written in full format, including the day, month, and year.
  3. Recipient. The next important part of the business letter is the information about the recipient or receiver. Be sure to indicate the receiver’s full name, designation, as well as contact information (a phone number and email address whatsoever).
  4. Salutation. This is the form of greeting that is used to begin the letter. A proper greeting is a sign of respect, so be sure the greeting form is relevant to the setting and to the target reader. A widespread letter opener is «Dear Sir or Madam.»
  5. Letter body. This is the main part of the letter, i.e. the text you are writing. The body should be logical, concise, and clear for understanding. Make sure you focus your letter on one idea or message and try to deliver it properly. As a rule, letters that are not really should be divided into paragraphs – three or four on average. Depending on the instructions, some information may be provided in numbered lists or in bullet points. The last paragraph should wrap up the whole argument and idea of the paper. Remember to end the letter with a closing salutation.
  6. Signature. Omit a few spaces and provide your signature. Should you have your name printed, then you need to provide your signature in a handwritten form above the printed name. Use blue or black ink for that. An electronic signature can also be used as long as you have one. Sometimes, a scanned signature is applicable if the rules allow that.
  7. Sender’s full name, designation, and contact information. In case these were not provided on the letterhead, make sure to add the details below.
  8. Enclosure. In case you need to attach some documents, do not forget to include them. If their chronology is important, be sure to number them.

Tips on Writing a Professional Business Letter

If you want to succeed in business letter writing, you will have to closely follow the structure. When you need to provide a business letter for academic purposes, you will have to adhere to the structure provided by your professor, so make sure you clarify the writing prompt. The main three parts of a business letter are: the top page, the greeting, the body, the closing sentence, enclosure package, and your initials.

When it comes to the top page, you need to provide the date of writing, your address and full name, the address and full name of the recipient as well as his/ her title when applicable. When writing the salutation, use a regular greeting such as «Dear John» when you know the recipient in person. If the letter is more professional and is addressed to some person you do not know, use a format salutation, such as «Dear Mr./ Ms. Mrs. …,» «Dear Sir Madam,» or «To whom it may concern.» The best option for the closure is to use «Yours truly,» «Best wishes,» «Sincerely,» etc.

Business Letter Writing Tips

  • When you need to write business letters from time to time, make sure that you save at least the most important or the most recent letters on your computer or laptop. If you have no space in the storage, save them in the cloud. Sometimes, you may need to resend the same letter or you may just want to use the text or structure of one letter as a template.
  • Even if you are working on an informal letter, avoid too informal language. Some colloquialisms may be allowed, but please keep in mind that you are not communicating via some messenger.
  • If you are writing a letter to some unknown person or some serious business person, avoid colloquial salutations. In formal writing, use titles such as «Mr.,» «Dr.,» etc.
  • In case your message addresses an individual who, as you know, is extremely busy, try to write the letter in the most concise and brief way possible. You need to convey the main idea or message in a clear way and make sure that the letter length is no more than 300 words.
  • Unlike emails, with business letters, you need to make indentations. Besides, the usage of spaces between paragraphs is preferable. The letter, on the whole, should look neat and well-organized.

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