Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We thank you for the time and interest you have shown in our services and our website. Our most important priority is making sure customer data is kept securely and confidentially. Our administrators take every step to ensure your personal information is not stolen, misused or lost. The information our company collects and the reasons for collecting it are explained below.

Essentially, our company collects data about:

  • You (the customer)
  • Everyone who visits our website

The information collected is for the purpose of cooperation and it mostly includes the time our site was accessed and what browsers and operating systems visitors use.

Customer identity is not in danger of being made public with this type of data. Its purpose is solely to:

  • Adapt and tailor the content published on our website
  • Improve the quality and layout of our site’s content

Furthermore, any data we acquire via our web server is never published, shared or sold.

Why We Use Cookies

“Cookies” are a popular method used by many websites and we also use them to:

  • Make it easier for you to navigate our website and
  • To acquire vital information, e.g., statistics about when and how our website gets used.
Personal Information

There is some essential information we require if we are to deliver the best service we can. This includes:

  • Customer name, telephone number and email address

During registration on our website, customers are prompted for the above contact information and we use it only to complete the assignments they order. For instance, there are times when we may need to contact you for some crucial information or if we need you to approve some issue related to your order. It is therefore advisable that you provide accurate details so that we can get the clarifications we require and provide you with the best help possible. Your contact details are seen only by our staff and are never published, revealed, sold or shared with other parties.

Submitting Online Payments

Our company does everything in its power to protect customers from fraudulent Internet activity and to safeguard their financial data from becoming public knowledge. This means we use security-enhanced payment systems and our Financial Department is likely to ask for identity verification.

Customer Rights

It is your right to request that your profile data be removed, updated or corrected. Just tell our support team if you want anything changed.