What is an article critique? An article critique, also commonly referred to as a response paper, requires you to evaluate scholarly, literary, or scientific works in a thoughtful, formal manner. A good article critique assignment discusses whether the author has built a solid case for their arguments.

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How to Critique an Article: An Outline

Before you begin writing an article critique, it is important to prepare yourself properly by following these initial steps:

  • Select an article based on your instructor’s requirements.
  • Carefully read through the article so that you understand its purpose.
  • Read it again, but this time thinks critically about the content.

As you read, ask yourself the following questions and answer them:

  • What makes the author a credible authority on the topic? What are their credentials and background?
  • Regarding their research methods, are they appropriate for the research questions at hand?
  • Can the results be applied in a broader context or are they narrow?
  • Can you have confidence that the author demonstrates no biases?
  • Is the article relevant and timely or is the information outdated?
  • What is the basis of the author’s arguments or theories? Do they cite previous research on the topic?
four parts of article critique

How to Write an Article Critique: Further Elaboration

  1. Begin with a Compelling Introduction that Outlines Your Argument

    When you write your introduction, make sure to limit it to no more than two paragraphs. This will be more than enough to lay out your critique. Begin by stating the author’s name, the title of their work, and the publication date. As you briefly introduce the topic, you should discuss the author’s strengths as well as the ways in which their arguments are weak. Make sure you adhere to your instructor’s formatting requirements whether it is in APA, MLA or any other style.

  2. Proceed to the Body Paragraphs Where You Support Your Arguments

    Start your body paragraph with a topic sentence that summarizes what you will discuss. Do not merely express your opinion for the sake of it; you should always provide evidence to support it such as reputable sources that present a different view.

  3. Finish up Your Critique By Summarizing Your Arguments and Discussing the Broader Implications

    Keep in mind that you are not merely critiquing the article on its face, you also need to discuss what the findings mean for the particular field of study. For instance, you might state that this work is applicable to a different topic within the same discipline. Or you could even suggest that it is so weak or narrow that it cannot be applied. Finally, since your conclusion makes a final impression on the reader, it is important that you choose your words carefully as you discuss why your critique contributes to the discourse.

Article Critique Examples

If you need help with article critique paper writing, downloading an article critique example would be a good first step. These examples will provide you with a good general idea about how your assignment should look in terms of formatting, structure, and what information to include. Although not everything in the example will be applicable to your particular topic, at the very least you will have a better understanding over how to keep the paper concise and to the point, what keywords to use when making your case, and the proper way to conclude the article critique paper.

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