Applying Business Writing Principles to Composing a Business Letter

business-letterBusiness writing is a formal way for businesses and organizations to communicate between each other. This type of writing is used primarily for providing information, persuading someone, promoting something, inviting someone to an event, confirming/approving or rejecting something. There are more purposes for business writing but these are the main ones. Now writing a letter to a business partner or company is different from writing the one to your friend or relative. There are rules that flow out of business writing principles that one has to follow when developing such a letter.

Composing a Business Letter

  1. Clear purpose. Your business letter has a clear purpose and the receiver has the right to know it as soon as possible. It is important that you clearly state why you sent this letter.
  2. Conciseness. When it comes to business people you have to know that they value their time like no one else does. Time if money. So don’t waste any time on literary devices and unnecessary words.
  3. Audience. Pay careful attention to whom the letter you are writing will be addressed. Know your reader’s needs and allow that awareness shape your wording.
  4. Formal Tone. Never try to be informal in a business letter and pay attention to potential ambiguity of your words.
  5. Format. Adhere to standard form of a business letter. It will eliminate confusion and will help the reader understand your intentions. There are several formats of business letter you have to know prior to composing one.

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