The Magic of Letter Writing

In the last three decades, there has been a technological evolution in the means of communication. Today many people prefer using electronic means to letters. Letter writing is a traditional means of communication that transmit hand-written, typed, or printed messages from one individual to another, from one company to another, from an organization to an individual, or from an individual to an organization.

A study on child interaction behavior found that one in ten children has never written a letter. The gap continues to widen as letters lose popularity to electronic communication. However, some people have held on to the art of letter writer with love to the extent that it is becoming fashionable and trendy. To many, letter writing is a thing of the sentimental and the nostalgic kinds of people.

Other than the sentimental aspect, a few other elements in letter writing that make it a vogue idea amidst the trendy social media and email. Writing different types of letters requires a personal stance, a style that lacks in any other forms of writing. The essence of what letters are and the reason for writing them: for family, close friends and other loved ones, and for formal functions, gives letters a kind of magic that is hard to express when texting or emailing the same message. Indeed, writing a letter creates a different feeling than writing an email. In the letter, the feeling is more intense than in the latter.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, a German poet and novelist, once said, "Letters are one of the most significant memorials you can leave behind." This is because of the sentimental value that comes with a letter. Through written correspondence, people know about you and you may learn about other people such as your ancestors. So, why not create your legacy through letter writing? When you put your pen on paper, the letter that you create becomes your legacy. Most of the time leaving a legacy gives you a purpose, the reason to create an impression. In a way, letter writing makes you an artist. Because of their importance to us, we do not delete the letters or throw them away in the trash. Instead, we keep them in safe boxes where we can always find them for rereading. Writers use letters in short stories and novels as a powerful device of emotional connectors. Through this style, they can move the audience from one emotional level to another.

Different types of letters use different writing styles. Business or official letters use a professional style of writing because they serve as a selling point of your skills and competencies to potential employers. You prepare a business letter when you are writing to an organization, or when an organization is communicating with you, their clients, or with other organizations. It has the sender's and the recipient's address a salutation, body, conclusion and a signature at the end of the letter. The business letters have a formal writing style that has a prescribed format such as block or indented. The most common example is a job application letter. On the other hand, Friendly letters use an informal style to deliver a message.

There are different reasons that you may write a friendly letter. It may be congratulatory, condolence, thank you, regret, invitation or a love letter. Whatever the situation, the letter should include five parts: heading, greetings, body, closing, and signature. A friendly has just the sender's address placed at the top-right hand corner. It is always good to include a salutation, inquiries about their well-being, talking about yourself, your motive for writing and then an appropriate closing. Written to friends and relatives, letters are a sure way of putting a smile on someone's face.

The next time you want to show someone that you care, you can write them a letter. You will leave a more lasting impression in your loved ones because a letter touches more than the mind; it touches the heart! Show them that you have time to design a personal message in a letter, a relic they can use to remember you and feel your presence whenever you are away. Indeed, letter writing is an old style that is still fashionable.