Culture Essay Writing

You can select any theme for your culture essay, but you have to check that your audience is aware of the culture you are speaking about. There are plenty of ideas you can explore, so detailed research is obligatorily to disclose particular features each of them has. Creating this kind of essay demands a person to be very accurate, because they may accidentally harm somebody else’s emotions due to be uninformed of the cultural distinctions.

It is practically very simple to create an essay on culture because you can always disclose your personal one. Nevertheless, some students may not be aware of a lot about their culture as they have left their motherland in childhood. The decision for them would be to increase their awareness of the theme by making research and asking their family members about it. There is no point in writing about a culture you have no information about, specifically when your audience is a part of it. Thus, as a result, you will have a poorly written essay and a low mark.

Definition of a Culture Essay

Culture practically belongs to a distinct method of life of a particular part of people in a country, region, or zone. The culture essay interprets in which way various groups of people, having their personal language, religion, values, behavior, and habits, came into existence, informing the audience about the ground or main characteristics of their culture. While depicting various cultures, the author has to be quite accurate as not to harm someone’s emotions, specifically when speaking about particular denominations.

Many scientists provide another definition of culture essay which says that eventually all people’s beliefs can be defined as culture. If students select to follow this meaning, they have to remember that the world consists of various societal groups of people that can be differentiated amongst themselves and divided by their particular habits, morals, passions, traditions, religious opinions, fashion manners, and so on.

Grounded on that description, it is simple to understand why culture is a very popular theme for essays. There is so much to say concerning culture, and at the same moment, culture essay topics are very communicatory and instructive. Essay themes on culture can be extensive, or they can be very tight. Let us have a look at the most popular culture essay topics.

  • Personal Culture Essay
    This a perfect variant, especially for those with prosperous and marvelous cultures. Speaking about your own culture is not only communicatory to the audience, but it also gives you an opportunity to research and popularize your heritage. Creating a culture essay you can describe it as a whole or concentrate on a specific element you find more exciting. You can also research the history of your culture and all the impacts that make it look modern nowadays. If you are feeling brave, you can even address the more disputable details of your culture through an argumentative essay to surprise your audience.
  • History of Culture
    In which way did culture was born? Did we begin with one common culture that step by step evolved into dozens of other cultures? This is an excellent theme to discuss in a culture essay. You can concentrate on the anthropological origins of culture and its development over centuries.
  • How Culture Changes
    Culture is active, constantly changing to match the times. There are plenty of methods of how cultural change comes about, involving innovation, revolution, and modernization. An essay researching in which way culture changes and the issues that occur with this change would be interesting and can even be transformed into scientific research.
  • Hierarchy of Cultures
    Why some cultures better than the rest? Sadly, a lot of people would think so. Cultural dominance has been a disputable question for a long period and a painful issue for humanity. Plenty of contradictions in society can be traced back to the idea of cultural dominance. An essay on this theme can take a serious look at what makes people consider their cultures are preferable than others, and the difference between high, low, popular, and folk culture.

What Is Culture Essay Writing?

After we have clarified what are the interesting themes on culture let us discuss how to write a cultural identity essay. Is it a long or brief essay on culture, it must obligatorily disclose a well-defined topic or thesis with according proves. As any other kind of essay, work on culture can have various styles depending on its goal.

  • A narrative essay discloses a story from the writer’s point of view. Narrative essays are about story-telling with the central topic here being culture. Such work can be about the writer’s private experience with another culture. If you wished to write about your experience in Italy, for instance, this kind of essay would be ideal.
  • A descriptive essay is all about specifications. It is intended to draw a picture applying phrases. It is an excellent chance to describe a culture you find breathtaking. You could, for instance, say about life in ancient Athens; engaging the audience into that culture while appealing to their emotions.
  • Expository essays are about the facts. Here you would introduce an instructive and practical essay about culture grounded on research. Such essays are not about the writer’s emotions or opinions but simply about what can be vindicated. For example, how does language impact culture essay would be excellent for this style.
  • Finally, there are persuasive essays. These are all about convincing the audience to approve your point of view. They apply a combination of proves and personal emotions to convey a plain argument. For instance, if you wished to say about the cancellation of the disgusting cultural tradition of child marriage in Africa, this kind of essay is suitable.

Each kind of essay writing has a typical composition that students have to follow. A standard essay consists of 5 main paragraphs, including the Introduction, Body (3 paragraphs), and Conclusion. Keeping this composition makes your work simple to read.

Culture Essay Introduction

This is the top paragraph where you present the culture you plan to explore. Here, you will need to disclose how the culture is concerning you without fully detaching yourself from it, as it may ask you to picture who you really are as a person. Remember to involve the thesis statement at the end of this part as its concluding section.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement for a work mentions the theme of your essay, particularizing the details you will describe later. Please, pay attention that what you state in this part should be mirrored in the body paragraphs.

There have to be 3 central body paragraphs in your work, depending on your choice.

The body paragraphs lend support to the thesis statement or, in other phrases, mirror the thesis statement. Each detail of data, each element that has to be interpreted, has to be described in another paragraph.

Culture Essay Conclusion

This is the last paragraph, so it should not have any new attributes, its main purpose is to revise the thesis statement and represent the points described in the body paragraphs.

12 Culture Essay Topics

Let us have a look at some themes students may select when creating their culture essay:

  1. In which way the World Wide Web changes the modern culture?
  2. A historical case that affected my life.
  3. Is abortion an act of brutal murder or is it a kind of birth control policy?
  4. What is a place of mass media in forming ethnic stereotypes?
  5. The effect of same-sex relationships on jazz culture.
  6. In which way changes in each generation impact pop culture?
  7. In which way the latest style tendencies impact modern society?
  8. Does the preferable for us kind of music impact our relationships with other people?
  9. What are the reasons for following famous persons concerning societal changes?
  10. How does alcohol impact the latest culture and young generation?
  11. Why are soap operas not so famous as before? Describe the history of the soap opera.
  12. What are the impacts produced by famous persons’ culture? Give its pros and cons.

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