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What Is a Five-Paragraph Essay?

When it comes to essay writing, students are mostly assigned five-paragraph essays. These are some of the most common tasks for students of different academic levels: from high school and college to university and undergraduate levels. Apart from assigning five-paragraph essays as regular tasks, they are also assigned as a part of exams and tests. The underlying feature of 5 paragraph essay format is to structure and organize ideas in a logical way and demonstrate not only one’s fluent academic writing but also critical thinking skills. Students can get the task to write a five-paragraph essay in any course. Thus, we have decided to provide students with five paragraph essay help.

How to Structure a Five-Paragraph Essay?

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The basics of writing a five-paragraph essay are the following:

Paragraph 1. Introductory paragraph.

Here you need to introduce the core idea to the reader. Pinpoint to the significance of the idea, provide some background information, and put forward a thesis statement, where you explain the core essence of writing.

Paragraph 2-4. The main body.

This section consists of three body paragraphs, where each of them is devoted to a specific idea. Each of these paragraphs should present some supporting facts that defend each aspect of the thesis statement. You will need to present an argument in each of the opening paragraphs without deviating from the central topic.

Paragraph 5. Conclusion.

Sum up the paper: reiterate the thesis and emphasize the core points of the paper. Do not introduce any new points in this paragraph. If you want to get some five paragraph essay help with this paper section, you may want to take a look at a paper sample.

Five Paragraph Essay Topics and Types

Any experienced and professional academic writer who has written dozens of five-paragraph essays will tell you that one of the essential points of providing a top-quality paper is choosing a perfect topic. Sometimes students cannot pick topics on their own as they are assigned essay topics by professors. However, if students have the freedom to come up with the topic on their own, it is essential to select a debatable topic that is easy to argue about. Having such topic will enable you to formulate a good thesis statement and provide strong supporting arguments.

Some of the main criteria of a successful five-paragraph essay topic are that it should be informative, relevant, and debatable. Besides, there are some classifications of five-paragraph essay topics depending on the essay types:

  1. Descriptive essays. A student needs to focus on the event, phenomenon, person or object and describe all features in detail.
  2. Expository essays. An expository essay is normally longer since it deals with defining some problem, interpreting the context, and analyzing it.
  3. Comparison and contrast essays. When writing a comparison and contrast essay, you should choose two events/ phenomena/ objects, etc., and find similarities and differences between them.
  4. Narrative essays. Here you need to come up with a narration based on some aspect. Citing sources may not always be required.
  5. Argumentative/ persuasive essays. This type of essay writing deals with the analysis of a specific perspective on the topic and providing credible supporting evidence.

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Tips on Writing Five Paragraph Essays

Although professional authors and writers rarely use the five paragraph essay format, it is still often given as an assignment to students. The reason for this is that it helps them develop and organize their thoughts and ideas when writing. It is also a useful vehicle for writing clear and complete responses to essay-type exam questions. Unsurprisingly, this type of essay has five distinct paragraphs:

  • An introductory paragraph
  • Three body paragraphs (forming the main part of the essay)
  • A concluding paragraph.

Here, we look at each of these paragraphs in turn and at their purpose, as well as at transitions – the cohesive element that brings all parts together.

Introductory Paragraph

Begin your introduction by writing a general overview about your topic or subject. From this, you should then progress to a more specific and clear statement concerning your main argument or point, otherwise known as a thesis statement. Essays often start with an “attention grabber,” which is usually a surprising statistic, a challenge, or an interesting story to get the attention of readers. In one or two sentences at most, your thesis should say what your main argument or point is and, in brief terms, what the paragraphs in the main body will cover.

If, for instance, your essay is to discuss why airbags are important in a car, your introductory paragraph may well begin with you providing some statistical information about road accidents and rates of survival. You may also want to include an “attention grabber” in the form of a story about a person you know whose life was saved because of their car’s airbag. Then, your thesis could sum-up in brief terms your reasons for saying that airbags are essential. From here, each of these reasons could be explored further in the main body paragraphs.  

Three (3) Main Body Paragraphs

Each body paragraph should focus on one point, reason, example or idea that lends support to the thesis. Additionally, each paragraph should begin with a coherent topic sentence, which is like a miniature thesis statement that sets out the primary point or idea for that paragraph. This is then followed by whatever length of explanation or discussion is needed to elaborate on that point. Where appropriate, use specific details and clear examples to ensure your ideas are conveyed in a clear, concise and convincing way.   

The Concluding Paragraph

Begin your concluding paragraph by restating your main idea(s) or point(s). However, make sure your thesis statement is paraphrased rather than merely repeated. Now add a few sentences that highlight how important your topic is and how significant your viewpoint. Give some thought to what ideas, thoughts or feelings you want your readers to take away. A conclusion is almost opposite to an introduction in its structure i.e. in the way it begins by being quite specific and goes on to become more general as it draws to a close.  

Transitional Words and Phrases

Transitional words and/or phrases are used to connect paragraphs to each other, most notably main body paragraphs. It is not a good idea to leap abruptly from one point to the following one. Instead, you should place transitions at the start or end of paragraphs to demonstrate how two ideas are related.   

Transitions are needed between paragraphs. These can be included in topics sentences, in the last sentences of paragraphs, or in both. Think of words that compare things or contrast them to signal inter-paragraph relationships.  

  • Where one paragraph describes a pro point and the next a con e.g. “on the one/other hand …”
  • Where a follow-on paragraph describes something more important e.g. “more significantly …”
  • To demonstrate a previous or historical event e.g. “even long before …”
  • An alternative consideration e.g. time vs money.  

Put some thought into topics for your paragraphs and do some brainstorming to come up with good ways to relate or link them.

A transition of some type will also be needed to connect the last body paragraph to your concluding paragraph. One possibility is to summarize the third (or last) body paragraph by reminding readers of the points in the preceding paragraphs. Every point or topic does not need to be fully restated, which happens in your conclusion, but you could refer to one example, character or detail to combine ideas and to signal the end is near.

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