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Top Tips for Writing Chapters for a Thesis or Dissertation

In the process of writing dissertation chapters, it is essential that one clearly understands the fundamental principles of dissertation writing. So, what is a dissertation? A dissertation is a type of formal academic writing, which is usually the final assignment of a doctoral studying program. When a Ph.D. student is working on a dissertation, he/ […]

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Detailed Report on a Scholarship Essay Writing

One should know that writing a superior scholarship essay requires considerable skills and efforts. If to take all papers that have ever won scholarships, it will be hard to define the specific feature that combines all of them. Each work is special in its own way. A scholarship paper usually presents the author’s achievements, interest, […]

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First-Rate Informal Essay

A lot of people write diaries and keep a record of all the events that happen in their lives. In addition, many of us write different blogs as the social networking industry grows rapidly and such kind of activity becomes very popular. Besides, creating blog entries is very useful as it is an efficient way […]

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Familiar Essay: Definition and Writing Recommendations

Usually secondary and high school students know nothing about familiar essays because it is considered as a challenging assignment. A familiar essay is focused on one’s own reflection and exploration of a topic such as “Deceiving Oneself” or “Giving Advice”.

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How to Write a Marvelous Explanatory Essay

An explanatory essay, otherwise known as an expository essay, aims to suggest a certain viewpoint concerning some event, situation, policy, issue, etc. It does not aim to criticize it but rather to analyze it from different perspectives to allow the reader to make their own conclusions. This analysis can be achieved through comparison and contrast, […]

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Tips on How to Write an Analytical Essay

The structure of an analytic essay is as follows: An introductory paragraph Some main body paragraphs A concluding paragraph The Introductory Paragraph An introductory paragraph should be eye-catching and compelling. Another aim should be to provide the reader with some essential information on the topic. If possible or appropriate, it should also include some fascinating […]

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Response Paper Writing Made Easier

In most cases, when you are working on a personal paper, you are expected to read a book, review an article, or watch a movie. Your professor will then ask you to describe your response to it. Quite often, the rules for writing a response paper are not the same as they are for other […]

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Five Paragraph Essay Help from Renowned Academic Writers

Five Paragraph Essay Help Is Right Here for You Many students find Google to be something magical – you just type into the search field some inquiry and get a plethora of results. When it comes to academic writing and you need to submit an essay, just type in, “five paragraph essay features” and you […]

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Evaluative Essay Writing

Defining an Evaluative Essay This is one of the types of essays aimed at revealing students’ analytical skills. When working on such a paper, students will learn to evaluate specific aspects of the matter in question by thoroughly examining the topic on a vast scale. The made evaluation has to be followed by an objective […]

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Useful Tips on Writing Drafts

What are drafts? It can be convenient to think there are two main stages to any writing task i.e. the first or initial draft and the end product. This misconception is often rooted in the structure of graduate-level seminars and advanced-level courses for undergraduates. There is a draft paper and there is a term paper. […]

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How to Write a Dialectic Essay

What Is an Impressive Dialectic Essay? When preparing your dialectic essay, you will be required to explore a controversial issue. For this reason, you should look through the articles on the Internet, in journals, or newspapers. In such a way, you will gather enough data about the discussed question. Do not forget to make proper […]

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Guide to Definition Essay Writing

The process of writing a definition essay is more intricate than merely providing the dictionary definition of a term or word. The latter are usually terms, words, concepts or expressions that can be explained in one sentence. However, definition essays need to be comprised of a number of paragraphs. The process requires the student to […]

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