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Creating a blog is not a big deal. Creating a successful blog is a whole different story because very few blogs that are created every day throughout the world can be considered successful. More than that, most of the blogs are forgotten by their owners within 1-3 months after their first publication. The reasons for closing blogs may vary but the common problem is that blogs fail to become successful, that is to achieve what they were created for. Now it all depends on how a blog owner defines success. Some people believe that it is all about money – whey your blog can generate income via advertisements and those kinds of things, that’s when your blog can be considered successful. Other bloggers believe it is all about interaction with other people and as soon as one has some comments and feedback on a regular basis, the blog has achieved its main purpose. There is one factor without which creating a successful blog is nothing but a fairy tale – its audience. The main task for any blogger then is to create a catchy content that will be interesting to readers. The question then is what Internet users love to read? What are the interesting topics one should use for a blog?


Blog Topics to Make Money

Since blogs require almost no investment it is a great opportunity to make money without risking a fortune. However, it is not that easy as it may appear at first. By far not all blogs have the same potential for making money simply because some topics for a blog are destined to generate more website traffic. That consequently means more visitors and more opportunities for development and promotion of goods.

  1. Personal relationships. You may be surprised to know but relationship advice is a highly profitable niche for bloggers. The thing is that our life is all about relationships with other people. This is number one area where everybody wants to be successful. Helping people connect with others through professional recommendations or programs can be highly profitable due to the fact that people will always look for relationship advice.
  2. Health. If among all topics for blogs you don’t know which one is going to be always popular, then you should probably choose health and fitness. Besides, this topic vector allows for different categories you can choose from: fitness exercises, nutrition, weight loss, etc. Addressing some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns can be extremely rewarding regardless of time or circumstances.
  3. Finance. Setting up a blog that will focus on improving one’s financial situation, business management, employment, etc. is a great idea for those who have experience in this field. People will never lose interest in those things since their success and happiness is often proportional to money matters.
  4. Politics. When it comes to blog topic ideas, nothing brings us closer together than politics. Whether it’s agreeing completely on how to fight poverty or taking the time to understand other points of view without screaming at each other, there’s no question that everybody loves to discuss politics!
  5. History. It’s been said that history is written by the victors. If that’s true, why not prove that you’re the biggest winner of them all by writing articles from the perspective of a Spanish conquistador? The Incas and Aztecs surely had it coming to them!
  6. Interview somebody who claims to be an expert on something, or at least is good at making up conspiracies. Those ridiculous Anon stories seem to be catching the attention of the nation’s most gullible. You could create a podcast on this topic that garners a huge following. The best part is that nothing that you or your guests predict actually has to come true. You just need to use some creativity to come up with excuses.
  7. Fashion. Fashion blogs are really popular because, after all, we all have to wear clothes whenever we leave our homes, right? There are lots of clothes-related things you can write about. Dresses. Shoes. Hats. Even mittens if you live in a cold climate and want to appeal to the child demographic. Is there any real reason why somebody should be spending $500 on a tie? If you are persuasive enough, the answer is absolutely “yes”!
  8. Food. Eating is both an enjoyable activity and it keeps us alive. That makes it one of the most interesting blog topics to write about. There are several angles that you can go with this. For instance, you could make it a recipe blog in which hot dog fried rice becomes a thing. On the other hand, you could write a local restaurant review blog. Who makes better burgers, McDonalds or Burger King? You can make a great contribution to this world by settling this debate once and for all!
  9. Travel. Traveling has become among the most popular blog topic ideas thanks to the ability to fly cheaply and as a result of all those Instagram photos of people standing at the edge of cliffs and such. There are lots of people who want to visit Moldova, but they have no idea what to visit, where to stay, and what to eat. Thanks to your travel blog, they will find out that going there really isn’t worth the trouble.
  10. Music. Quick: what is the actual purpose of taking a shower? If you answered, “To practice my golden singing voice” you are absolutely right! Everybody loves music. But some genres are better than others. For example, nobody would argue that pop music is incredible and there can never be enough blog articles about Katy Perry.
  11. Fitness. As you ponder what topic to start your blog with, you really can’t go wrong with fitness. Everybody has an idea about how they want to stay healthy, including a fitness regimen and their diet. The best thing about this topic is that you can recycle the same four ideas over and over again since few readers truly pay attention anyway.
  12. Movies. If your goal is to write creative blog post ideas, why not consider a movie blog? Writing a movie blog is a great way to spread rumors about an upcoming blockbuster that turn out to be completely untrue. Alternatively, you could keep the Dumbledore vs Gandalf debate raging on, long after people have stopped caring.
  13. News. Tired of all that “fake” news out there? It’s not fake if you’re the one dispensing all of those half-truths and outright misinformation. There are no limits to the things you can write about. Politics, for instance. And others! If you’re not keen on writing news stories, you could always critique the reporting of others. Why is Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd always so sleepy? This is the kind of important question that you can answer in your news blog!
  14. Cars. Every one of us has ridden in a car before. Or at least seen a photo of one. This is why car blogs are so relatable. There are several directions you can take this one. You can preview upcoming models. You could focus on luxury brands or even old Soviet manufacturers. You can offer tips on how to drive really fast and still survive. You can tell people where. If you understand how car engines work, you can write a daily blog dedicated to this one subject. Big fan of red cars? Your blog can report exclusively on cars of this color. Your readers will definitely never find it boring!
  15. Personal. This kind of blog is a real treat, especially for writers who think the world revolves around them. You can use this opportunity to share your daily routines with your audience. When do you brush your teeth? What shampoo does your dog use? What are some good passive-aggressive strategies that others can use as a means of manipulation and control? Your personal blog can also include photos of your living room that show off your impressive sofa that doesn’t convert into a bed but is nonetheless used as one.

Blog Topics to Enjoy

It is important to focus on delivering quality content since choosing a good blog topic doesn’t help much if the actual content isn’t good enough. People love to read articles that can bring something into their lives: joy, practical tips on how to do something, relaxation, fun, etc. If your blog gives nothing to the reader then you can make a research on interesting topics for blog and it will give you absolutely nothing. It is important that you enjoy when you write for a blog – this will guarantee that your passion will be recognized by readers. You can always tell whenever a blog is written by someone who actually loves the things he/she is writing about. It makes a huge difference.

So if you don’t know what to write in a blog then you should probably stop for a moment and think about what your aspirations are all about. It is no rocket science to figure out that a blog will be much more successful if it is going to be about something you actually enjoy. And since you enjoy it we are sure that there will be some other people on this planet who will be interested in reading your stuff too. For example, it can be related to your professional career. If you are an industry expert, blogging can be both fun and rewarding. In this case, your blog will be targeted for a narrow audience but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily a bad thing.

Your blog could also be about your hobby. Do you like any particular music genre? It is an awesome idea to write about it. Movies? Literature? Those are great blog topics too. Remember that it is not just about your readers, it is about you also. Many people love to do things with their own hands – this blog niche would be highly appreciated by most people of all ages. Do you enjoy traveling? You could take more people with you with the help of your blog showing them wonderful places throughout the world. If you love linguistics you could create a fascinating language blog that will be both useful and interesting. As you have probably understood already it is not only about what to write in a blog but also how to write your blog so that it would be successful.

Blog Topics Readers Will Love

A blog is only worth reading if you’re the one who wrote the articles. That is the philosophy that you should live by. If the topics aren’t interesting to you, they aren’t worth writing about. Readers are eager to learn about you and your ideas! Whether you have some practical tips on how to gain an edge over your office rivals or the perfect excuse for not visiting the in-laws during the holidays, there are people in this world who want to live vicariously through you. If you are passionate about money, there are ways for you to convince people that their money belongs to you. Don’t underestimate yourself! They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, so use your incredible writing skills for purposes that best serve your interests! Your own private jet can become a reality if enough people believe your tales.

If you aren’t sure exactly what to blog about, don’t worry. Just take some time to think about which topics will help you gain the love and admiration from the populace. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that people will believe and trust you if you assure them that everything you tell them to do is part of God’s plan. Invoking the name of Jesus really captures the attention of a segment of society. Of course, one of the most important mottos to live by is, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Once you become successful enough as a blog writer, you’ll be able to afford a really nice mansion and private security. This will make it very difficult for others to pry into your personal life. Plus, it can be so fun and rewarding!

As you blog about yourself, you want to convince your readers that every dollar they donate to you makes you a happier person, and therefore they should be happier as well. There are just so many opportunities to make this happen. Your blog topic could be something as innocuous as cute animals. But below the surface, you would have a dark agenda that nobody will ever know about. Are you a big fan of traveling? You can go to exotic places and demonstrate to others that your life is way more exciting than theirs. Don’t forget to bring your drone camera. Just stay away from Iran though. Another suggestion is to start your own language blog. If you know how to write English, why not boast about it to the world? Show them how lucky you are to have been born in a native-speaking country, even if you can’t exactly take credit for your own lucky circumstances.

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But before creating a blog everyone should ask oneself one question: what is the purpose of this blog? It is only when you know the answer to this question you can start writing. Because depending on the purpose of a blog one should be aware of what topics are popular among internet users…