Best Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essay writing is a complex and effort-consuming process. Many college students fail to submit great persuasive essays because they lack experience and appropriate competencies. Creating a persuasive essay requires good persuasive skills that can allow the writer to convince the reader in a certain position. If you want to get a good grade for your persuasive essay, you should learn some efficient tips and secrets that will facilitate this process. Writing a persuasive essay should begin by studying the best persuasive essay topics. Your topic should clearly indicate what problem you are going to discuss. Ideally, your topic should be new and not standard. Writing a persuasive essay on a topic that was previously discussed many times, you will just make your readers get bored. By selecting a unique topic, you will be able to write an interesting and authentic paper. As such, when you received a task to write a persuasive paper, you should take some time to select a great topic.

Persuasive Essay Writing Tips

A great persuasive essay always manages to convince the reader to take the author’s position about a specific issue. To reach its goal, such an essay should include good textual evidence and logical reasons that support the argument. So, let’s have a closer look at the tips that will help you create a winning persuasive essay:

  • Think about the issue you want to advocate. Remember that the more time you spend on brainstorming the easy persuasive essay topics, the more interesting the writing process will be. Choosing a great topic can be a challenge if you lack the appropriate skills or experience. If you want to understand what issues are interesting to the readers, you can look through the well-written persuasive papers available on the web. By studying these samples, you will not only find some good persuasive essay topics, but you will also figure out how such a paper should look like;
  • Consider the reader’s perspective. Think about what position would your reader support and focus on it;
  • Investigate your topic thoroughly using the best academic sources. Pay attention that you should analyze your topic from different angles as only such a multifaceted approach will bring you the expected outcome;
  • Make sure to proofread your essay when it is written. Checking it for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors will significantly increase your chances of getting the anticipated grade;
  • Trying to convince your readers, you need to use the best rhetorical devices;
  • When citing the thoughts and ideas of other researchers, do not forget to use the proper citations following the formatting style indicated in your prompt;
  • When moving from one argument to another, make sure to use proper transition words as they will help you make your text coherent and clear;
  • Follow the classic structure that includes an introductory part, the main body part, and a concluding part. An introduction should include a strong thesis statement that will outline the problem you work within your essay.

By applying all these tips in practice, you will be able to create a great persuasive essay that will satisfy the most demanding readers. All in all, developing good persuasive essay writing skills is particularly important because it will allow you to build logical arguments, find some connections, and develop your problem-solving skills. If you feel that you cannot write your persuasive essay well, do not torture yourself and buy it at the professional writing service. Finding a reliable writing provider, you will be able to relax and enjoy your life and a skilled expert will bring you the anticipated outcome.

In our guide, we are going to provide you with impressive persuasive essay topics for high school, persuasive essay topics for middle school, as well as persuasive essay topics in college. We assure you that regardless of your discipline, you will definitely find the topic that will fit your interests.

Find Out the Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics and Ideas

  1. Why do students need to have their studies in summer?
  2. Bullying. How to combat it?
  3. The main myths and facts about climate change. Is it really so dangerous?
  4. Smoking and its negative effects.
  5. Social media accounts of adolescents should be monitored by their parents;
  6. What is more valuable: to take part or to win in the competition?
  7. What is the role of religion in the contemporary digital age?
  8. Discuss the challenges the contemporary students have to overcome;
  9. Do you think that higher education is as important as it was a decade ago? Explain your answer;
  10. Do you agree that video games should be forbidden?
  11. Environmental conservation and its importance in present-day society.
  12. Do you agree that art education is as significant as other subjects?
  13. Why it is important to develop an individual way of thinking?
  14. Human cloning. Pros and cons;
  15. Why tolerance is not always good?
  16. Death penalty. What are the main benefits?
  17. Using smartphones in the school environment. Benefits and shortcomings;
  18. Exotic animals cannot be treated as pets;
  19. Why texting while driving should be punished?
  20. Do you agree that it’s time to replace paper books with electronic ones?
  21. A good leader is born or self-made? Provide real-life examples;
  22. Should high school students study religious subjects?
  23. The impact of sex education on the students’ awareness;
  24. Success is a matter of luck or hard work?
  25. In what way do the modern innovations hurt the moral development of humanity?
  26. Are airports secure enough? What would you change about their security systems?
  27. The main reasons for marijuana legalization;
  28. Experiments on animals. How to stop them?
  29. What are the main dangers of drunk driving?
  30. Do you agree that socialization among students is very important?
  31. Part-time job and academic performance. How to find a balance?
  32. What is your position about dress-code? Should the companies implement it?
  33. Is it always bad to skip classes for the sake of hobbies and communication with family?
  34. Cyber-attacks. Who is the most vulnerable audience?
  35. Gender equality in the 21st century. A myth or reality?
  36. Why should the students be informed about environment-friendly policies?
  37. In what way studying abroad can help the student broaden the worldview?
  38. Technology Topics for a Persuasive Essay

  39. The impact of technology on children;
  40. Why more and more students become addicted to the Internet?
  41. Should Netflix show more documentaries?
  42. Self-driving cars. Is it really a good idea?
  43. What do you think about the fact that Google is manipulating the customers’ data for increasing its profits?
  44. What is your position towards context advertisements?
  45. Do you agree that artificial intelligence becomes a serious problem in the 21st century?
  46. Gambling in casino vs. gambling on the Internet? What is more dangerous?
  47. Should Apple music be free?
  48. Internet censorship. Is it really needed?
  49. Religion Topics

  50. Why same-sex marriage is forbidden in any religion?
  51. What are the reasons for the stereotypes about Muslims that are existing in US society?
  52. Atheism. A problem or a solution? Why more and more people choose this option?
  53. Do you agree that the church should be always separated from the state?
  54. Why people lose faith in religious dogmas?
  55. Religion should not be involved whenever it comes to saving human life;
  56. Why abortion is considered a deadly sin?
  57. Should religious subjects be mandatory in colleges and universities?
  58. In what way can the religious conflicts in the Middle East be avoided?
  59. Politics Topics

  60. Do you agree that corporate lobbyists should not make campaign contributions?
  61. Why President Trump should show more support to Syria?
  62. America should stop acting as the world’s policeman.
  63. Is the US border fence an effective way to stop immigration?
  64. Political funding should be scrutinized.
  65. Do you think that your vote has any importance? Why? Why not?
  66. Economy Topics

  67. The impact of the lack of government spending on the economy;
  68. The consequences of raising the prices for energy;
  69. Illegal immigrants and the US economy;
  70. Do you agree that hiring cheap immigrant workers is bad for the US economy?
  71. What is the role of banks in the state’s economy?

In conclusion, we do hope that our list of top persuasive essay topics will help you gain writing inspiration and create a wonderful paper. However, you should pay attention that selecting a great topic is not enough for creating an A+ paper. You need to research information, make up great persuasive arguments, and develop your topic from different perspectives. Good luck!