Nursing Research Paper Topic Ideas

In the process of accomplishing a degree in the field of medicine and health care, students will definitely face the challenge of working on research projects. This process of writing research papers can be rather stressful, weary, and time-consuming, as one needs much energy and effort to do that properly. Even before it actually comes to the very writing process, the first stressful experience can be encountered in the process of choosing a nursing research paper topic. When deciding on the nursing research topic ideas, it is recommended to pick the one that you are passionate about and interested in and that is at the same time topical for the target audience and relevant to the subject area. If you want to get more information concerning why it is important to choose the topic carefully instead of grabbing the very first that crosses your mind, read on the article and find out.

If you want to succeed in your nursing research writing, keep in mind that you should pay an ample amount of attention to the prewriting stage. One of the main aspects of the prewriting stage is the process of choosing a nursing research paper topic. If you want to be sure in the fluency and success of your paper, be sure that you get your professor`s approval of the topic and put forward the main research question.

In the process of finding nursing research paper ideas, be sure that you devote sufficient time and attention to the processes of brainstorming and extensive research. Do not be lazy to carefully look for the relevant information and read a lot of different sources. Apart from using databases and online libraries, you might also find some good information on social media. If you have encountered some insurmountable difficulties, you might as well want to address a custom writing company for professional nursing research paper help.

If you would like to get some original and fresh ideas on nursing research and choose an interesting nursing research paper topic, be sure that you can rely on our expert writing service for help. We will gladly share some of the best nursing paper topics below.

Top-100 Nursing Research Paper Topics List

The process of selecting a topic for nursing research can be compared to the process of laying a foundation for some huge building. The overall success of the paper depends on the topic you have chosen: you need to make the right choice of the topic in order to provide a properly structured paper. Still, it can be really stressful and challenging to come up with an effective topic for research that will be original and interesting to discuss and analyze. If you want to ease this prewriting stage, be sure you can rely on our company’s assistance. If you wonder what are some nursing research topics that are worth your attention and discussion, check out the following comprehensive list of topics for nursing students.

    Topics on Mental Health

  1. Nurses’ role in helping patients overcome depression.
  2. The impact of aging on psychological health.
  3. Causes of anxiety disorders and the ways of their treatment.
  4. The strategies for slowing down the process of cognitive degradation of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
  5. Emergency help in cases of paranoid schizophrenia.
  6. The most effective treatment options for treating patients with early-stage dementia.
  7. The most effective means of treatment for suicidal patients.
  8. The role of aromatherapy in the process of treating patients with depression, apathy, and stress.
  9. The ways of dealing with self-harm cases among patients.
  10. The importance of involving a psychiatrist in the process of mental health treatment.
  11. Promotion of Health Care

  12. Advantages of timely vaccination for social workers, law enforcement agents, and teachers.
  13. Ways of controlling the spread of infectious diseases.
  14. Is it ethically right to dismiss overweight nurses for promotion of unhealthy eating habits?
  15. How to tackle the problem of teenage pregnancies among ethnic minorities?
  16. Promotion of skin cancer awareness among adults and ways of its prevention.
  17. Ways of discouraging teenagers from smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.
  18. Informing the society of diabetes-preventing lifestyle.
  19. Ways of handling the problem of obesity among children.
  20. Informing the society of occupational hazards.
  21. Promoting healthy eating habits and sports activities.
  22. Professional Issues Related to Health Care

  23. The ways of tackling with anxiety disorders and nervousness as a nurse.
  24. Ways of increasing productivity of nurses in the workplace.
  25. Process of adaptation of nurses who have been internationally trained.
  26. Pros and cons of collaborative nursing.
  27. Ways of dealing with the shortage of competent nurses.
  28. Methods of increasing cultural sensitivity among nurses.
  29. Legal issues that nurses may encounter in their profession.
  30. The issues that can occur in the process of male nurses providing care or treatment to female patients.
  31. Obstacles that nurses may face in the process of getting certification.
  32. Should doctors and nurses be responsible for deciding when to end life of unresponsive patients?
  33. Topics on Nursing Careers

  34. The main problems and questions that may come up in remote intensive care units.
  35. The role of clinical nurses.
  36. The most important works of nursing theorists.
  37. Ways of providing medical treatment to homeless patients.
  38. The ways of managing critical care.
  39. Problems connected with diversity in healthcare settings.
  40. Issues faced by nurse practitioners on a daily basis.
  41. How to manage stress for nurses working during night shifts.
  42. How to balance personal career development and everyday nursing service?
  43. The future of nursing in the modern digital age.
  44. Topics on Child Nursing

  45. The most important psychological aspects that should be taken into account when it comes to providing health care on infancy stage.
  46. Reasons of ADHD and ways of its treatment.
  47. The relationship between vaccination and increasing cases of autism.
  48. Resistance to antibiotics in schoolchildren.
  49. Medical therapy directed at eradicating speech disorders.
  50. The most widespread treatment practices among adolescents.
  51. The impact of social media on eating behaviors and eating disorders.
  52. The main causes of seizures in children.
  53. The main rules of ethics in the pediatric care unit.
  54. Ways of promoting a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating patterns.
  55. Adult Research Topic for Nursing Students

  56. Analyze a severe migraine case.
  57. Discuss the specifics of dental health in the USA.
  58. The importance of proper exercising and sporting activity in medicine.
  59. Effective treatment of acute coronary syndrome.
  60. Underlying reasons for anxiety disorders.
  61. Discuss the recent innovations in the clinical cardiology settings.
  62. Non-chemical practices within the process of bipolar disorder treatment.
  63. Nursing innovations in the digital age.
  64. Psychiatric care for adults suffering from some mental health problems.
  65. Programs aimed at eradicating obesity problems and managing weight properly.
  66. Topics on Geriatric Care

  67. The most pressing problems and healthcare issues faced by the elderly in the clinical setting.
  68. The most effective ways of providing healthcare to elderly patients in order to ensure proper treatment.
  69. Is home really the best place for getting old? Are there any other facilities that can provide comfort to the elderly?
  70. Ethicality beyond conducting medical experiments on geriatric patients.
  71. The growing popularity of the global health concept alongside with the trend of aging.
  72. The minimal level of training that is necessary for nurses.
  73. Who should be held responsible for some specific treatment of geriatric patients: their relatives or doctors?
  74. Do the elderly patients require some additional nursing assistance during the meal intake process so that they could better monitor the nutrients’ levels?
  75. How far do you agree with the statement that healthy aging is promoted by social innovations in the communities?
  76. What factors and evidence help nursing practitioners identify a formerly abused geriatric patient?
  77. Topics on Women’s Health

  78. The alarming rates of breast cancer among women. What are the prognoses and ways of treatment?
  79. Causes and effects of vaginal atrophy.
  80. The main reasons for infertility among women.
  81. The main physiological and psychological challenges faced by menopausal women.
  82. Causes and effects of sexual disorders among women.
  83. The most effective neonatal practices.
  84. How to deal with sleep disorders among women?
  85. Analyze the growing tendency for ovarian disorders.
  86. Safety measures during the processes of pregnancy prevention.
  87. Recent progress in reproductive endocrinology.
  88. Topics on Standard Treatments in the Healthcare Field

  89. The most effective ways of supporting ICU patients and their families.
  90. Pros and cons of oxygen therapy during cardiovascular diseases treatment.
  91. Ways of preventing recurrence of ventilator-caused pneumonia.
  92. The basic phlebotomy skills that each nurse should be well versed in.
  93. The basic healthcare plan used in the process of treating patients with asthma.
  94. The importance of providing post-surgical care in an urge to boost recovery rates of patients.
  95. Designing a specific treatment plan for patients with diabetes.
  96. Importance of coming up with a specific treatment plan for patients suffering from asthma.
  97. Effective ways of dealing with anaphylactic shock: how to act fast in emergency situations?
  98. How have the standard ways of medical treatment progressed over the last five years?
  99. Topics on Relationship between Nurses and Doctors

  100. The main peculiarities of cooperation between doctors and nurses.
  101. Should nurses be granted the equality of opportunities with doctors when it comes to prescribing medical treatment?
  102. The core differences between doctors’ and nurses’ treatment.
  103. Is it obligatory to provide nurses’ residencies?
  104. Do you think that it is a myth that nurses will ever be provided the same responsibilities as doctors?
  105. Topics on Prejudice and Stereotypes in the Nursing Sphere

  106. The most prevailing stereotypes about nursing.
  107. The main ethical issues that take place in the nursing practice.
  108. What role does the government play when it comes to supporting and providing nurses’ education.
  109. The most widespread ethical issues that nurses are exposed to.
  110. Advantages and disadvantages of having a gap year before starting an education in health care.

What Are Good Nursing Research Topics?

When students seek professional assistance with their nursing research paper topics ideas, they crave for choosing topics that would be original and unique, and that will be relevant to the general research field. Moreover, the topic chosen by students should also correspond to the professor’s requirements since the professor is the one to approve the topic.

One of the major challenges for students majoring in Nursing and Health Care is that they need to choose a topic that will be neither too broad or too narrow for the research. It is critical to come up with researchable topics in nursing without getting into a plagiarism trap or trap of repeating the previously conducted studies. When it comes to a successful or effective topic, keep in mind that it needs to provide analysis of topical and up-to-date medical issues that are interesting to you and to your target audience alike. When conducting such research, it is also vital to introduce some new recommendations and provide a list of changed that can be implemented in the nearest future.

Even when you are choosing some type of a popular research topic, such as ADHD or autism, you always have the freedom to choose some interesting and fresh perspective on the area. More so, you can focus on specific issues that can be approached in a different way. When picking relevant nursing research ideas, it is also essential for you to realize that you can make some kind of contribution to the overall area of research. When working on nursing research, be sure to study famous works of researchers and theorists in order to support your own arguments and claims with accurate information and facts.

Scholarly Sources for Conducting Research in the Field of Health Care

Once you have chosen the topic for your nursing research paper, you need to put forward a strong, clear, and argumentative thesis statement and then start researching your focal point of the medical field. If you want to provide plausible research, you should definitely rely on trustworthy and credible sources that you could use as evidence in your paper. Some of them are as follows:

  • Scholarly books. These are the ordinary textbooks that you can find in databases and libraries. It is recommended to use the latest editions of books in order to keep up with the modern pace in healthcare development.
  • Peer-reviewed journals. You can use online journals where you can also extract some valuable information. If you happen to be a member of some online university, it will not be hard for you to use the publications from there. Another option is to buy the journals from online bookstores.
  • Original research. As you are a scholar, you may try to derive information from research and then come up with some findings and conclusions from it. If you need some funding to conduct your research, be sure that you can apply for a grant.

Expert Assistance with Nursing Research

If you want to get professional help with writing research papers in the field of Medicine and Health Care, be sure that you can rely on our company for help. provides original and plagiarism-free papers on any topic. When you address our company for help, be sure that you will get premium-quality writing help that entails topic formulation, evaluation, correct use of appropriate and relevant vocabulary, and others. When you trust your paper to us, be sure that our company’s writers will be ready to work even within the tightest deadlines. Apart from custom writing help of exclusive quality, your paper will be properly formatted, cited, and referenced. Our competent and experienced writers can deal even with the most complicated and sophisticated subjects. We guarantee that the paper will be written from scratch according to your custom requirements.

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