Straight-A Student

Straight-A student is considered to have the highest IQ level and thus creates competition in the class. Such students have a co-called eidetic memory that is they can absorb information and process it without any effort. Their innate skills allow them to easily pass the exams and tests and experience no problems when writing a research or essay.

Actually, anyone can become a straight-A student, as it is all about the desire and effort you are ready to make to become better. First of all, IQ score doesn’t predict your success, but it is more an indicator of what you can achieve if you try.

If you want to get to the top of the class, learn a few methods of studying that would be most effective to you, get to know how to manage your time, and be determined. Of course, your innate abilities will help you to achieve this top faster and maybe easier, but hard work is what will make you get there, at the level of straight-A students.

Straight-A students have specific priorities. When they are studying, they are not distracted by anything else: calls, visits, Facebook, or Instagram.

They organize themselves and have a special system for this. There is a variety of applications and online sources that will allow you to organize your time. Such students are good at time management too.

They know what active reading is and use this strategy.

They make notes of all the necessary things. Notes help them remember the most important stuff. Effective note-taking is a good skill for a successful student. At first, learn to put down all the vital information you receive during the class, you can use sticky notes or your special notebook for this reason.

Straight-A students are not afraid to test themselves. This helps to quickly find the weakest points and fix them.

They are constantly moving forward. They try to go above and a little beyond. They do most of the practicing.

As you see, you are not born as a successful student, but you can become one if you are ready to accept the challenge.

Guidelines on How to Become a Straight Student

How to become a good student? The work you perform is not a feature of how much time you spend on education, but more the quality of your concentration. A lot of students think positive marks come only because of sleepless nights, but the real matter is to study more intelligent, than harder.

  1. Operate your time in 5 minutes every day
    Many students have no idea what time management is and how to become straight student ideas, however, it is a significant ability that is required to succeed not only in college but in private life as well. By spending only five minutes daily to operate your time, you can reach a more peaceful and balanced life rhythm without missing anything important from your study.
  2. Constantly keep a plan
    Double-check to constantly have a plan in advance, so you will be always well informed of significant dates for tests and schedules. Applying a calendar, and a digital or physical one, you can highlight dates and set deadlines when and where you will sit down to study.
  3. Stay organized
    • Filing
      Creating a documented case to files all of your subjects is a perfect method to be well organized. Have a segment for each subject to avoid mishmash, and be sure to locate all relevant documents and papers in the correct segment.
    • Home tasks
      Constantly check if you save a list of your home tasks and look at it every time when you come back home from lessons. Look at your calendar daily as well to double-check if there are any forthcoming tasks that you have to complete.
  4. Do not forget about your physical health
    • Sleep
      Another important tool of how to be a straight student is the perfect amount of sleep which is seven-eight hours – and separate people even needed a little more. Having fewer hours of sleep can impact your success and your ability to concentrate while learning. If going to bed at an earlier hour is difficult for you, try step by step to implement it.
    • Food
      Consuming healthy food will help you concentrate better when learning, and get the most of the hours you put in. Just like your relatives and medical staff always repeated you, check if you have regular meals across the day, drink 1,5 – 2 liters water, avoid sugar, and consume enough of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Gymnastics
      Research has discovered that physical exercises refine your brain activity and memory. Even several times per week for thirty-forty minutes can earnestly help you succeed in education.
  5. Do not overfill – better, apply a regular review system
    The regular review has been proven to be more efficient than cramming before important exams. By reviewing the information regularly, it is more likely to really remember it and fully realize the material. Regular review is also a much less pressured process than cramming at the last night before the exam.
  6. Create a home task group
    By creating a home task group, you can miss giving up as you may get disappointed and demotivated across the way. Other students in the same group with you cannot only provide assistance and inspiration, but they can also help you realize and resolve your issues.
  7. Create a distraction-free education area

    It can be complicated to avoid interruption while learning. There are some programs like Freedom that can help you to stay concentrated. Switching off your gadgets and hiding them is also useful.

    Working in a clean space without mess can also help to get rid of interruptions. Divide your learning sessions and check if you provide yourself with enough breaks you need to succeed.

    Some kind of prize for yourself after finishing a specific amount of studying also a good idea.

  8. Make clear your doubts straight away
    A lot of students prefer to wait almost until the end to make clear their doubts. If you want to know how to become straight student ideas, do not do this as it can only bring you fear and stress on exam day. Make sure to double-check unclear moments for you immediately.
  9. More concentration while learning, less time
    One of the secrets of straight students is to concentrate more while learning, rather than your real study time. Researches show that the perfect study sessions are approximately fifty minutes.
  10. Make a work progress notebook to reveal your excuses
    Every morning after a cup of coffee, create a list of the most significant assignments that should be done across the day. In the evening, if anything was not completed, make a note of the reason. Looking at the same excuses day by day, you might get a lesson from it which will help you become a straight student.
  11. Apply the three P’s to pass your exams easily: plan, proceed, proofread

    These remarkable 3 P’s – planning, proceeding, and proofreading are essential steps when passing exams are close. Include this efficient scheme to your exam-taking process to help decrease stress.

    Planning is a process of looking through the exam to check what you should expect. You have to begin with the questions where you know the answers, and proofreading involves leaving yourself time in the end to think.

  12. Receive help
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