Tips for Writing College Essay

Trying to put your personality in 650 words isn’t an easy task by itself, but when it’s the thing that also determines your future, the pressure can be too much. The key to success is to dedicate enough time to this activity because that’s not something you want to slack and do half-heartedly. So start early and use the following tips.

5 Rules for Effective Writing

  1. Add to your application The most basic and important information about you has already been stated in your application so make sure you don’t repeat anything in the essay. Instead of providing dry facts, think about the things that can express your personality. They are experienced and observations that have shaped you into the person you’re now.
  2. Straight to business 650 words is a very small number when the task in front of you is to describe your complex personality. That’s why you don’t have the luxury of including any trivial information and describing your whole life story. Instead of rambling about everything at once, choose a particular event or experience that stands out and turn it into the reflection of your true self.
  3. Don’t tell directly You want to focus on a certain trait of your character, for example, your adventurousness. Don’t say it! Write a series of occurrences and encounters that will make the reader conclude, “this person is really adventurous”. If you simply state it, it will look like you’re milking it, but when someone guesses it from your essay, it looks very genuine.
  4. Attract attention The first impression is the most important, so make sure you give a strong one. The reader is likely to make a decision regarding you after the first paragraph. You need to grip the reader’s attention to make him/her read the rest of the essay carefully. Only this way, you will be able to stand out from the crowd.
  5. Stay yourself Imagine your close friend is reading your essay. Would he/she recognize you from it? If yes, you’ve managed to stay true to yourself, but if no, you need to work harder. There is nothing worse than a soulless essay and you are the only person who can bring your writing to life by expressing your own personality in it.

However intimidated you’re by writing your college essay, the earlier you start, the sooner you’ll understand how to write a good essay. So waste no time and follow these tips to get the best college essay.