How to Write Your Debut Book

Have you ever read a book and thought of becoming a writer one day? It is fascinating how much impact writers can have today on how people view this world and even their lives. Recognized authors of best-selling books craftily create captivating images in the minds of people who read their writings. And it is normal to question yourself whether you can become the one whom people would call a writing talent. More than that, if you have a passion for writing you have to try yourself out. Despite all fears and difficulties, you should at least try to understand whether you have natural writing talent. This isn’t as difficult as most people think. It just requires your time and efforts…

Understanding Whether You Have a Talent

It is not easy to tell whether you have a natural talent or you don’t. There are no specific criteria for identifying a natural writing talent. It seems that writing talent is like any other talented people have. If you do it better than the others then you are likely to have a natural talent for that. If you are in a college, a good indicator may be feedback from people who are not very concerned about how you feel about your writing – professors. It is likely that you have talent if what you write is always better than what your peers can deliver. Gifted writers usually do it with ease (when in college). And obviously, if you do have a writing talent then you will likely have a passion for the word and will be looking for ways to write something all the time.
But not all great authors had that inborn writing talent. There are many of those who had that talent learned through the years of practice. So if it doesn’t seem like you were born with a pencil and paper in your hand, you don’t have to be upset. There some things you can do in order to become a writer despite all odds.


Write every morning

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Despite the simplicity of this advice, it helps develop the ability to write on demand. It is necessary to have a minimum word limit around 600-750 words for this exercise. You can choose the topic yourself. It is not so important. What is important is that you write every day about whatever is on your mind.

Editing and rewriting someone else’s work

Editing and rewriting are two things authors do very often. Since you probably don’t have many of your own writings yet, you could find articles online and work on those. Check for spelling mistakes, vague points, long sentences, etc. and try to reword them so that it all would look better.


It is important for writers to be able to come up with new topic ideas. So just find 10 headlines online and write them on a piece of paper. Then turn off your cell phone and computer and think for 5 minutes about the ides and topics you can develop from those headlines. Let your mind wander as much as it possibly can.

Choosing Your Writing Style

The writing style to choose depends on such things, such as your writing ability, audience, and the purpose of the writing. It is only when you understand all of these three aspects you can choose to follow a specific writing style.

First, it is important that you write in the ability that matches your talent. A technical writer will unlikely be able to deliver a highly engaging comical (at least without basic training and preparation). Secondly, you have to know who your audience is. Depending on the people you are writing for, you will be choosing the appropriate wording and slang. Thirdly, you have to understand the purpose of your writing (unfortunately, there are some authors who don’t have a clear idea of why they are writing the text). For example, if you mean to teach something you may want to use the instructional style of writing. Sharing a story will assume the abundant use of active words and sometimes compelling descriptive tactics.


Great Writing Tips from Famous Authors

David Brin, a Hugo-award winning author recommends interacting more with the world. He says that if you have other things in life, such as family, friends, work, etc. you don’t have to run away from them to produce a masterpiece. Instead, these things can interact with your writing and what you will have will be much better than if you would have closed yourself in a room for hours in attempts to deliver a masterpiece.

Ray Bradbury, the author of famous Fahrenheit 451, recommends finding out what your hero wants first, and then all you have to do as a writer is just follow him/her. This one is more for those who are involved in writing story-based books although all could find something useful insight into how to develop ideas from characters. In other words, let your characters decide the plot.

The next piece of advice will be mostly for fiction lovers but can also be an encouragement for any writer aspiring to write something that has never been written before. Toni Morrison who is a Nobel prize-winning author said that if there is a book that you really want to read but it seems like that no one has ever written it yet, then you are the one who should do it.

Dorothy Parker, an author famous for her elegant and concise style of writing, has once said, “I can’t write five words but I can change seven”. This is to emphasize the importance of editing. There are some writers who underestimate the importance of editing which often leads them to great failures.

Writing the First Book

Knowing how to become a writer should help you understand where you are going. But this is only the
first stage. Then goes the practice – writing your first book. There are no other things we would like to tell you apart from those we have already mentioned. Mastering a theoretical foundation of how to become a writer is easier than the reality of writing a book as it requires more perseverance and dedication. But that is something you have to find within yourself in the process.

The only thing we would like to tell you is that you have to write every day. Remember the writing exercises to help you become a writer? They were meant to teach you that writing every day helps you grow and develop. If you are writing a book it is even more important in terms of the final outcome. Your job is then to fight procrastination and develop a plan for completing the whole project. Obviously, you will have some deviations from the plan but the main thing is that you do have specific milestones to achieve.

After you have written your first book, you are halfway through. You still have to make sure your writing is flawless through professional editing and proofreading. Then you are to find agencies through which you can have your book published. Apart from agencies, you can also apply for writing grants as well as publish your book online. There are many resources available online that can guide you through the whole process of book publishing.


Final Remarks

Becoming a writer isn’t easy and by this time you already know that. But keep in mind that everything is in your hands. It is your passion that matters. Obviously, some things may not be working out very well. But that is no good excuse for giving up. Many famous authors had their own failures too. But it is due to their perseverance and passion for writing that they became recognized writers. So whenever you want to quit you have to recall the names of your favorite authors and remember that they have gone through the same things. And if they could do it, you could do it too.