How to Write Perfect Fiction

Writing a good book isn’t that easy as it may seem at first. You can read many articles on how to be a good writer or find many useful tips to write a book but that doesn’t mean the writing process will be easy and smooth. Although it is useful to read some materials like these, one still needs to know much more than that. It is especially true if you are going to write a fiction novel. Due to the nature of this literary genre authors have a lot of problems in the process of writing in their attempts to create something special. Writer’s inspiration is important but the success of the whole thing doesn’t depend on the inspiration only. There are some things authors have to do without inspiration in order to write a good fiction book. In this article you will find six unconventional tips on how to do just that. So if you are going to start writing a fiction book you are lucky to have come across this article. We hope you it will help you in your every day writing endeavors.

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6 Fiction Writing Tips

  1. Tension is always a good beginning. Most recommendations concerning fiction writing boil down to beginning with some sort of action. Action is believed to be a good start for every fiction book. However, this is not so. There is something better you can do. Beginning with tension seems to be a better move. Sometimes tension is a tightly connected with actions but it should not necessarily be so. Grounded in some sort of tension your first chapters will grab the attention of readers and hopefully will never let them go. You can choose what tension you want to start your book with depending on further plot development. There are too many options available so we are not going to list the variations at this point.
  2. Make pauses. There are a lot of writers who say that having a word-count quote for the day is a must for authors writing fiction. However, we believe that there is something more important than that. It is a capability to make pauses even if you haven’t met your quote yet. As a writer, you need to be able to make some pauses throughout the entire process in order to have a fresh look at what you have written so far. More than that, try to stop even if you know what you are going to write next. This will help you rest and develop your plot in an efficient manner.
  3. Don’t think about your book all the time. Many authors get so absorbed with the idea of writing a book that they are almost not capable of thinking about anything else. However, you will be more effective if you give your mind some rest. This may sound weird but try not to think about your fiction writing project when you are not working on it. Otherwise, your brain will be tired when you start working on it. This was the advice Hemingway cherished a lot. He thought it is important not to worry about the writing all the time, especially when writer’s inspiration has been wandering off. You may not find this advice among common tips to write a book but if you try it out you will see how helpful it may be.
  1. Unanswered questions in the end of each chapter. If you want your fiction book to be engaging for readers you have to know how to end each chapter in a way that one would want to keep on reading all the time. Figuratively speaking, you have to end every chapter on a cliff which will inevitable spark reader’s curiosity.
  2. One sentence. Many authors experience problems with starting their fiction writings. They seem to know how to be a good writer and what devices to use throughout the entire book, but sometimes people are just stuck trying to come up with some kind of tension that would be appropriate for the beginning of a book. In this case all you have to do is to write one sentence and go from there. Squeeze one sentence out of your imagination and see how you can develop it into a decent beginning. Even if it seems like a poor sentence you can come to great ideas when developing your thoughts from it.
  3. Show. Keep in mind that it is always better to show than simply say. The world of fantasy allows so much space for showing things rather than simply making statements. It helps create images in the minds of readers which is why a lot of people love reading fiction books. Offer some unexpected turns as opposed to those books that follow simple plot everyone can guess after reading first chapter.girl and books fiction

Obviously, these tips are like a drop in the ocean – there are much more that could have been said. But we should say that these recommendations are quite unconventional as you won’t find them in most articles available online. Following these simple tips will help you understand what you are doing and why ensuring you have your priorities right which will consequently result in a great fiction writing. Good luck with that!