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Biblical Book

Assignment 1 Allen, Ronald J. Philippians 2: 111. Interpretation 61, no.1 (2007): 72-74. The current article provides the readers with the following information. The author supports other scholars who think that the epistle to Philippians is a compilation of two or more letters. The author explains why Paul is concerned about the unity of the […]


Zika Virus and Malaria

1. This year (2016) the health concern is the Zika virus and its impact on human health. Like malaria, Zika is transmitted by mosquito bites. Compare and contrast Zika with malaria, in terms of its threat, biology, and prospects for effective mitigation. The Zika virus has existed for hundreds of years. However, recently, it draws […]


Violent Video Games

Annotated Bibliography Anderson, Craig A., Leonard Berkowitz, Edward Donnerstein, Rowell L. Huesmann, James Daniel Johnson, D. Linz, Neil M. Malamuth, and Ellen Wartella. The Influence of Media Violence on Youth. Psychological Science in the Public Interest 4.3 (2003):81-110. To some extent, the source supports the fact that violent video games do not lead to violence. […]


Ecological Model

Abstract This research highlights the definition of the ecological model and determines the dynamic interrelations of its different parts. It explores the impact of the environment on human development in the context of the at-risk tree and Bronfenbrenner’s circular ecological model. The analysis of the ecological model’s impact on human behavior, attitudes and development in […]



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