Northeastern University has one of the best computer science programs that will see students acquire skills in programming and become experts in the job market. Your collaboration with big corporations across the globe enables learners to get the necessary skills and prosper in their careers. Participation in your computer science program will assist one to become motivated and work hard to get competitive advantages in the market. I believe that my personal statement will confirm my interest and the experience that will help me to become an expert in the computer science field. My purpose for joining your program is that you offer the programming course which ideally suits me on my way to becoming successful and serving the community.

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My determination to become a programmer is affected by multiple factors. First, I have chosen programming as my preferred field of study because I regard myself as a logical thinker and a natural problem solver. I like solving numerous puzzles modern technological world abounds in and firmly believe that everything will depend on and will be connected with the internet in the coming decades. As such, programming represents both the tool and the skill that young people will need to thrive in a talent-driven world of today.

I appreciate the versatility and career flexibility associated with a clear understanding of the programming processes provided by the program I am applying for. Besides, I am not afraid of the challenges that learners are likely to encounter in the course of the study. This positive attitude towards programming challenges is traced back to my first experience with coding. Unlike most people who found programming thrilling from the word go, it was initially hard for me to understand the involved concepts and the learning process which made the experience boring. However, I came to understanding that I need it consciously and after a few months of pushing myself forward, I completed my first project which turned out to be a fundamental source of motivation. I felt great to have created something out of nothing. Although I cannot consider my first project the achievement of a programming goal, it surely made me feel proud of myself, propelled me to dig deeper into my abilities, and turned me into a programming addict.

I believe programming is and will eventually be appreciated as the language of the modern world business environment. Apparently, every kind of business in any industry requires a kind of technological revolution to help their production process become more efficient, at the same time lowering the overall operation costs. Therefore, a young generation armed with computer science and programming skills will definitely have better job opportunities as compared to their counterparts who lack such abilities. Besides, these skills not only make someone productive in the information technology industry but also help them remain relevant in the majority of other fields, particularly at the time of machines taking over most of the jobs that were previously done by humans.

For the past few years, I have been improving my programming skills through the structured and guided learning, as well as participating in casual self-studying programming projects. I have managed to complete web design and web development certificate programs at Bellevue College. Due to my commitment to laying a solid foundation of my programming career, I am currently enrolled for a coding dojo for a junior programmer certificate.

Furthermore, through my involvement in such programming activities, I have been able to establish a personal online business related to Asian cosmetics. Running this business for the past two years, I have learned how to develop an e-commerce website as well as how to effectively manage these sites. Moreover, the business has helped me improve my leadership skills, providing an opportunity to offer leadership guidance to the small team of sales persons, programmers, and designers involved in running the online shop. Nonetheless, even though I have made some process, I realize I have just experienced the tip of the iceberg. That is why I seek to take advantage of any opportunity that can help me achieve my ambition of becoming a full-fledged programming expert.

I understand that there are challenges when pursuing the programming course. For instance, when I was starting coding, I faced difficulties and became bored because the concepts were not easy to comprehend. Some of the ideas seemed strange to me and I did not understand what the lecturer taught. However, I decided not to give up but engaged in practicing for a few months to complete my project and was extremely motivated after finishing it. Thus, I believe that if given the opportunity to acquire professional skills I will definitely become an expert.

I would like to participate in your academic programs for various reasons. First, I would like to improve on my GPA, so there is need to go to a global institute. One of the main reasons that led to my poor grades in certain disciplines is that I participated in two programs that ran simultaneously; hence, I did not have enough time to focus on improving my average marks. My parents have always encouraged me to work hard and on completion of my academics, I will help them in their business which is becoming a global enterprise. I need to try my best to make my average GPA higher for them to allow me to pursue my dream career of becoming a programmer. I am not interested in learning any courses related to business and want to follow my dreams. However, if I do not manage to get enrolled here, there is a job for me back home and thus I will be forced to learn a business course and will end up not enjoying my major. Anyway, I have supportive parents who want me to pursue the career that I enjoy and they will be happy if I become one of the students of your renowned institution.

Secondly, the program will enable me to gain success in my online business. Northeastern University provides chances for getting jobs with big online corporations such as Microsoft and Amazon. Consequently, I believe that I will get the necessary skills to establish a great business. Furthermore, the learning program is flexible and allows students to learn in the surroundings convenient for them. For instance, one can take online classes. Sometimes, students do not go to classes because of emerging issues, and since most cannot be skipped, the online courses will enable me to always participate in all of them.

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The third reason is that I need to improve my Java programming skills because I failed to become really good at it in the Java class. It was hard for me to understand how programming works during my first classes. It is not easy for people who do not have skills in computer science; hence, I was not able to overcome the challenges. Nevertheless, I do not want to give up midway and need to get the relevant skills for the success of my career. I am focused and I know that I will succeed in becoming the best if I get access to the necessary means. Your program is crucial to my career and I will work hard to improve. I am extremely curious and do not have trouble asking tutors for advice and support whenever I encounter hardships I cannot cope with myself on any way. I, however, do not take any lesson for granted and appreciate all the efforts of the instructors striving to impart knowledge.

I believe that am ready to start your graduate program. As mentioned above, I practiced and even accomplished my programming project under minimal supervision. Also, I engaged in an online business that has equipped me with the skills required to manage a business and relate well with people from all walks of life. I have certain work experience in various spheres, both physical and intellectual labor. First, together with my colleagues I was engaged in helping to move important equipment and materials between the departments on campus. While at Seattle Central College, we also learned the significance of cooperating with other individuals in the society. I acquired valuable knowledge when working in the management department of WetGet Magazine.

Finally, I have also been involved in community service. To begin with, during my volunteering at Seattle I helped with watering garden plants. Secondly, I was a member of the team that visited the elderly and learned how to take care of them by providing them with shelter, clothes, and food. I am a believer and try to take every opportunity to be useful off the record, without waiting that it will benefit me in return.

If given a chance to learn at your school, I will use my skills to improve the school. I also promise to work hard to help other students develop both academically of their lives. I believe in unity and will participate in group activities to ensure that we solve problems together. I do not look down on anybody and I respect everyones identity and opinion. I also understand that you have a demanding program and there many students across the world who have sent their applications. However, I am convinced that the passion for studying that I have will speed up the process of fitting in. I am self-motivated and can accomplish the desired requirements fast enough to enable me to attend your program and become a useful member of the academic community. I like constructive criticism because it allows me to understand my problem areas and learn from mistakes. I am fully ready to commit to learning and become successful in it. I trust that the lecturers and fellow-students will accord me with the support needed in the journey of learning when they see my readiness to give back and share. With gratitude and full of hope I look forward to a favorable response.

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