1. Do you have any international experience (living or working outside the U.S)?

I moved from the U.S. to Germany 6 years ago. In the USA I studied the English language and literature, but I wanted to broaden my cultural and professional outlook. That is why I left for Germany. To get acquainted with the mentality of the German people, I learned the German language in various specialized centers. After a while, I went to school in Frankfurt on the Main. My direction in the school was philology and culture. From that moment on, I began to gain international experience by living in Germany.

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I spent most of the time in the circle of people from the country who differed a lot from my fellow citizens. In Germany, I made a lot of friends. Some of them were from other countries, as well, and others were native. However, the difference in languages and cultures did not pose a communication barrier for us. In addition, our friendship was of educative nature. I had a strong desire to learn more and more about cultural background of the people who surrounded me, and they wished the same, as well. In Germany, I visited museums and galleries to discover some new aspects of country’s life and culture.

I was so impressed by my living in a non-American country that my mind was full of ideas of visiting other states, studying the mentality of their people, their culture and traditions. Having moved to America after my graduating, I do not forget about my acquired friends, and I maintain communication with them via the Internet. This communication gives me an opportunity to practice my language skills and find new interesting information.

My international experience was very exciting and informative, especially in language learning and practice. Thus, I have great international experience and know both the English and the German languages.

2. Limiting yourself to only 3-5 you deem most meaningful, list and succinctly describe your jobs, internships, and/or clubs you participated in over the last three years

When I was choosing my future occupation, I asked myself: what kind of work would you like to do? Apart from the fact that I know two languages, I am enthusiastic about traveling and keep an active lifestyle. So, I chose tourism, event-management and maybe advertising. Finally, I found some companies that were searching for new employees. Some of them denied my candidature, but the last one invited me for an interview. After that, I began to work in the Online-marketing department. I can describe my first days in the company by few words – uncertainty, excitement and willingness to work. I had to study all the assortment of the company. Moreover, I got acquainted with some principles of optimization and promotion of websites in the Internet. Other information I found in the Internet and worked as much as possible. Thus, I began to move up the career ladder in the marketing sphere.

Having got some experience in marketing, I wanted to try myself in other service sector. In the summer, I left for Greece to work in the hotel service. Due to the fact that I could speak several languages, my job was to meet guests from foreign countries. This was a good practice for me. My memory keeps some aspects of hotel business; I got work experience in the famous hotels. I learned how to competently manage and constantly develop my creative abilities.

Certainly, my language ability helps me everywhere. My last job was also related to good language skills and computers. I worked as a writer in an online company. My previous experience became useful in this situation. I combined good English with my creative abilities. So, I have great experience gleaned from working in the various spheres.

3. Please tell us what you find most appealing about the international business major and why.

Today, when market relations follow the globalization conditions, fluent English and knowledge of the basic principles of the international business, as well as work experience in this sphere became a necessity. Studying economic disciplines in English enable to gain the knowledge in the field of Economics and Enterprise Management, as well as increasing the level of language proficiency.

The knowledge of basic principles and norms of international business, the methods of competitive products promotion to the world markets and the analysis of situation help specialists in international business operate effectively in the face of international competition. Possessing International Economics and Finance, International Management and Marketing Knowledge, business foreign language gives an opportunity to recommend oneself as the highest level professional.

International business is the interaction and cooperation of private firms or their subdivisions located in different countries. The demand for international relations experts including international business is central in companies of different profiles, such as the leading foreign economic activity companies, banks and other financial organizations, state-run institutions, embassies and government offices and mass media.

Specialists in the sphere of international business are adapted to the practical needs of the global business. International business major develops creative thinking, leadership qualities and a comprehensive vision of economic and social processes. The ability to integrate separate content modules into a single, overcome the uncertainty of the crisis, stress and emergency becomes an integral part of every international business specialist.

Qualified translators are required nowadays on the labor market. Furthermore, translators with good knowledge of economy are in great demand. The international business major gives an opportunity to become such a specialist.

Being an expert in the business field on the global level means having a good background, which is related to the macro level. Specialists in this field must clearly understand the whole mechanism of work in the modern world markets, services and so on. International business major gives the concept of understanding the business environment, as well as possessing a certain system of management. In addition, it is necessary to clearly understand the advantages of a specialist-entrepreneur in comparison with other small organizations and businessmen.

Thus, the most appealing about the international business major is a broad knowledge in marketing, management, economy analysis, financial operations and diagnostics of organizational culture. International business major requires international foreign language fluency, and formulating a business idea is considered to be the main advantage.

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