The introductory chapter in a dissertation is that part that most readers see first and read. Consequently, you should be especially careful when writing this section. Although some experts recommend you write this part last e.g. after all the other parts are written, we suggest you begin with this section. This is because it gets rid of any ambiguity and focuses the mind on what needs to be covered in the remainder of the paper. Additionally, this is the part the dissertation panel will pay most careful attention to. Therefore, it is important to get this section right in order to “sell” your work. One of the best approaches is to put the question or issue succinctly into context, and this will encourage you to ask and answer some searching questions about your project. One key question that you need to think about and find an answer to for your introduction concerns your reasons for undertaking this particular study. If you are able to answer the “why” questions, e.g., why the project has fallen to you, why it is being done where you are located, and so on, you are well on your way to writing a good introduction.

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Additionally, you should find there are several English language-writing services online to help you write a good introduction. Because the aim of an introductory chapter is to lead the reader into the text and because it is a useful guide while writing, it is still a good idea to buy a personally written paper. The reason is that a company like will just provide an outline, which you can work on to create a more detailed paper. You can even use the summary to understand how to tailor your research and various other aspects of your dissertation. There are plenty of writing services to be found on the Internet and many of them will help you write an excellent paper on any topic.

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An introduction chapter in a dissertation does not only shed light on the issues you are going to address in your thesis, but it should also highlight your motivation and research objectives. Pay attention that your introduction makes the first impression on your reader, thus it should be properly written and free from any logical and mechanical mistakes. Actually, by your dissertation introduction, you need to convince your professor that you have chosen a good topic. If you feel that you lack sufficient dissertation writing skills, do not hesitate to get help writing a dissertation introduction at our writing service. Being a first-class writing platform with a stable system of values and a number of great advantages, we have everything to provide you with exceptional dissertation introduction help.

Even if you possess good writing skills, a dissertation may frighten you. No wonder, this document is a great milestone in the academic career of any student as it allows to evaluate the knowledge and skills obtained through many years of study. Writing a dissertation may take a few weeks or even months. If you do not want to neglect your personal and social life because of writing this lengthy and sophisticated paper, feel free to turn to our company and ask for assistance. At, you can purchase expert help writing dissertation introduction or any other chapter. In order to ensure the best results for our customers, we hire the most skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable writers having Ph.D. or Master’s degrees in various academic disciplines. We never assign writers randomly but try to find specialists with sufficient skills and expertise for every single order.

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What Is the Purpose of the Dissertation Introduction?

To succeed in writing a dissertation introduction, you should clearly understand its purpose. Actually, the introduction chapter in a dissertation performs three major functions:

  • Introduces the topic of your study;
  • Proves the relevance of your study;
  • Convinces your target audience that your study fills in the gap existing in the research field.

What to Write in an Introduction Dissertation?

It is, perhaps, the most frequently asked question by the students working on a dissertation. No doubt, having an answer to this question, you will understand what points to include in your introduction and how to write it properly:

  • Scope of research;
  • Research problem;
  • Hypothesis;
  • The theoretical and practical relevance of the topic;
  • Current situation;
  • Brief description of the research design.

Some Questions to Consider when Writing an Introduction Chapter

To write the best possible introduction for your dissertation, you should begin by asking certain questions of yourself. If you ask and can answer these few questions, they can become the foundation of your introductory chapter. Do not forget that this happens before you even start writing your dissertation. Therefore, these questions will lead you to search for answers. If, for example, your writing project is a laboratory report, answering questions for the introduction will motivate you to do additional research in order to end up with a more detailed and comprehensive report.

It is a good idea to begin by figuring out what problems have led you to undertake a particular study. What information or answers are you trying to find? Moreover, be prepared to clearly explain the problem with an emphasis on the notion that it really needs to be solved. It is important you encapsulate how vital it is that your topic is studied or investigated and that a feasible solution is found. This gives relevance to the effort and works you are putting into your dissertation project. After this, you should develop a hypothesis, which is usually your opinion on the subject matter. Your perspective or the angle you take will develop through what you have read and observed. Bear in mind that this perspective should not be the view or opinion of other people who have researched the particular topic.

From here, your next step is to question how beneficial your study will be to people in general. This should lead you to outline how your work will solve a particular and existing societal problem. Questioning how your research will contribute to what is already known on a topic follows naturally from this. Once you have explained this part, your introduction should discuss the method(s) you will use. In this section, you should explain to your readers the method(s) you used to investigate and solve the problem. It is important to remember that your topic is not of the compare and contrast variety, so you need to explain any relevant issues rather than comparing and/or contrasting it to another piece of work or topic. Once you have explained your methodology, you should describe any limitations that apply to your research work. These can be real or predicted and they should be focused on any obstacles that influence how you achieve or fail to achieve specific results in your project.

How to Write a Dissertation Introduction?

Many dissertation writing manuals agree that the primary goal of the dissertation introduction is to engage the reader by informing them about the research topic and its relevance. How to achieve this goal? Below, you will find a few steps that will help you create a truly impressive introduction chapter:

  • Identify a unique research territory showing your readers that it is interesting, problematic, and significant;
  • Inform your audience about the findings of other researchers;
  • Determine your scope of interest by informing your reader about the existing gap in previous studies.

A good dissertation introduction will also:

  • Suggest a strong hypothesis or a research question;
  • State the nature of research by outlining the research goals and objectives;
  • Announce important findings.

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