Reflective Essay Writing

A reflective essay aims to help the author express his or her personal viewpoint. No matter whether the author is writing about a movie, a book, or a significant event in his or her life, he or she must develop and share a personal reaction to it. Reflective essays often serve the goals of socialization and relationship building. They allow students to analyze their personal reactions to everyday activities and see how these reactions shape their social and professional contexts. Quite often, a reflective essay also becomes a philosophic discussion of some painful topic. After all, most students view reflective essay writing as an opportunity to express themselves freely and enjoy the relative informality and unlimited creativity in this type of work.

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How to Write a Thrilling Reflective Essay

If you want to write an ideal reflective essay, the first thing to remember is that it must be very personal. It must also include some element of philosophy, as you are expected to analyze your reactions and perceptions in-depth. You may want to offer different perspectives on the same topic, based on what you feel about it. For example, if you are reflecting on the problem of loss and bereavement, you are welcome to include the meanings and opinions shared by other people, while considering your own experiences with the problem.

Developing an Outline

Reflective essay writing is unique in the sense that it does not follow any specific conventions. Therefore, your outline will have to include a thesis and the major points you are going to describe in your work.

Structuring Your Paper

Again, reflective essays do not follow any standardized structure. You cannot formulate your feelings and perceptions and make them fit in some required format or structure. Moreover, your thesis statement is likely to be vague. It is quite possible that you will arrive at a different point of thinking by the time you finish writing your reflective paper.

Still, you may try to follow this structure:

  • Create an opening paragraph, whose aim is to give the reader some basic understanding of your story. Use as many vivid details and imagery as you can. Capture your readers and do not let them go!
  • In the body of your work, elaborate on the key points of your discussion.
  • In the conclusion wrap up and summarize the argument. Describe your feelings once again.

Topics for a Reflective Essay

You can choose any suitable topic for your reflective essay. You may reflect on some important personal event or recall some meaningful experiences in your life. Be thorough and delicate when deciding on the best topic for your paper. It is essential that you choose a topic, which will be interesting to your audience and easy to discuss for you. If you have difficulty choosing a reflective essay topic, we will be happy to help. Just contact us now!

Formatting Your Reflective Essay

Like any other academic paper, you will have to format your reflective essay according to the requirements provided by your professor. Use Chicago, MLA, APA, or any other format, as required by your educational institution. In case of any misunderstanding, contact your supervisor and ask questions to avoid lost grades in the future.

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