Where to Find a Good Example of a Dissertation Hypothesis

You could define the hypothesis for a dissertation as the question you are trying to answer while you write your paper. Therefore, it should be compelling and rock solid. An effective hypothesis should have these qualities: 

  • A hypothesis should contain assertions or claims and these should be testable. In your capacity as writer, you should test your hypothesis through your writing, draw logical conclusions, and tell your readers about your findings.  
  • It should not be a question. Rather, a hypothesis should be written in statement-form. In addition, while it will not yield immediate answers, it should set out your stance, and you should support this in the course of writing your paper.
  • Keep it short and stick to your point. You should write one statement setting out your stance on the question or issue. It is easier to understand short statements and they are usually clearer.
  • It should refer to any previous or existing research on the subject. This will provide context and demonstrate how your paper contributes in a scholarly manner.   

It is not easy to find well-written hypothesis examples. It is, however, easier to find one if you know where to look. If you have a good sample or example to guide you, your written work should be better quality. Because, to some extent, you will be copying what is shown in the example, it is essential to find the best possible sample papers. So, where should you look for a reliable hypothesis sample for your dissertation?    

At your college library

The material in the libraries in most academic institutions is professionally and thoroughly vetted. There is an onus on these institutions to abide by the highest academic standards. Consequently, they provide students with good quality source materials since failure to do so can adversely affect their reputations. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get good-quality sample hypotheses in your college library.

Consult your tutor or course supervisor

Tutors and course supervisors are very familiar with the challenges of written assignments and will provide assistance when it is required. Most have come across a wide variety of scholarly materials and are well-placed to point you in the right direction. Your tutors and course supervisors are obliged to help you with your studies. Therefore, they will be willing to help you choose reliable reference materials or send you any copies they have.   

Check with fellow students

A lot of students are well ahead when it comes to research. Many have seen or even used countless good sample papers, including hypothesis samples. Most will give you copies of materials they have or refer you to the right places.   

How attractive a hypothesis is to read depends on how strong it is. It provides readers with the incentive to read all of your paper. A hypothesis statement should be logical and it should clearly illustrate the variables your paper or study is testing.