Top 5 Funniest Commercials

A commercial is all about art and creativity. High- profile promoters are now using humor as the main thing in their commercials. Here are some of the funniest commercials ranked the top five.

  1. Prius: Heck on Wheels

In this puzzle ad, a milquetoast guy named Todd makes a sandwich kisses his cat and starts his journey with a rocking anthem to his Prius. Todd, like his car, is not much of a bad guy, so that gives you: Heck on Wheels”. His refusal to swear for laughter is extracted when he says” this mother trucker don’t give a dang. The funniest part is when he sees corps in his rearview mirror, and they merrily pass him.

  1. T –Mobile: “Restricted Bling.”

The ad was hilarious even before the cell phone executives invite themselves in the popular Drakes “Hotline Bling” music video to imitate his difficult yet self-assured dancing.

  1. Hyundai, “First Date.”

Here the famous comedian, Kevin Hart plays as a dad who is so much concerned about his teenage daughters first date tonight. To the disappointment of the young man in the commercial, Kevin manages to keep tabs on their pair throughout the evening.

  1. Mountain Dew, “puppymonkeybabby”

This is a puppy combined with a monkey and a baby. The puppymonkeybabby is weird and catches the attention of many viewers. The ad is just fascinating.

  1. Turbo Tax: Never a Sellout”

In this ad, Anthony Hopkins recommends a product, terrifying many. But his main concept in the ad is to remind us that it is free to file our taxes with Turbo Tax absolutely zero. But the funniest part of this commercial is that Anthony Hopkins is seen drinking from a tea mug that is branded with the words Turbo Tax, wearing a blue Turbo Tax slippers and snuggles his puppy that is also named after the brand. Turbo Tax.