Tips for Writing Good Critical Essays

Writing essays of the critical variety require the writer to analyze some particular reading matter and then evaluate and summarize the author’s viewpoint. A lot of students find the entire process something of a challenge, not least in case they inappropriately criticize the material they have read. Writing essays to meet modern requirements implies the writer must fully understand the art of critical analysis. It should be pointed out that criticism should not intend to attack or offend an author or their work. Rather, the aim is to objectively analyze a given text.

The tone of a good-quality critical analysis essay should almost always be a serious one. It should not touch the emotions and feelings of the author but rather respect them. Quotations should be used to support every important statement. The writer of a critical essay can agree or they can disagree with the work they are analyzing. 

How to Write a New Critical Analysis Essay

If you are writing a new essay as opposed to modifying a sample essay, you should keep these recommendations in mind: 

  • Evaluate the piece in a critical but healthy way
  • Subjectivity is not allowed; you must be factual and objective.
  • Any criticisms should be supported with solid evidence since any judgment should be based on logical evaluation of the content.
  • It is permissible to refer to other expert analyses or evaluations.

The Structure of a Critical Essay

According to the structure described below, an essay of the critical type has two essential parts:   

A summary of the author’s viewpoint to include:

  • How the main point or idea in the work was delivered.
  • A list of the key facts the author has based their thesis on.
  • Any message or techniques the author uses in appealing to his or her audience i.e. what call-to-action the author makes.

An evaluation and analysis of the given work to include:

  • An analysis of the main facts the author presented i.e. according to their relevance and correctness.
  • An evaluation of how logical and consistent the author was in their statements.
  • An analysis of how the thesis of the text compares to accepted or recognized standards and to the writer’s personal viewpoint.

Topics for Critical Essays

There are several topics that can be used in this type of writing. The following are a few examples you could write a critical essay on:

  • Art versus culture
  • The movies of Woody Allen
  • Politics
  • The promotion of democracy
  • Hamlet or other Shakespearean plays.