Tip for Writing a Choice Essay

At various times throughout the academic year, students at every level of education are given different writing assignments to complete. Students often have preferences in the types of writing they like or dislike. For instance, some like persuasive-style writing while others prefer descriptive writing. Essays come in a number of different shapes and sizes and students are regularly introduced to a new type to improve their skills. Even at kindergarten level, children are expected to write a few short sentences on common topics and these texts are described as essays. These youngsters are not aware of the different essay types.

When it comes to high school and/or university level, students are also often asked write a choice essay. Some feel stressed out when they hear of this genre of essay because it is unfamiliar to them. Yet, writing a choice essay is not a difficult task. Anyone who has written any type of essay during their early education should find this type of essay easy to write. In the event a college student is asked to write a choice essay then they can follow the few steps described below. 

Look for Sample Essays

When you are writing a choice essay for the first time it is important to understand the correct format and purpose of this type of essay. A good starting point is to look on the Internet for a few example or sample essays. It is also possible you will find choice essay examples in the essays section of a grammar textbook. Once you see a few correctly written samples, you should start getting a clearer picture of the key features and style of this genre of writing.  

Choose a Suitable Topic

Once you are more confident from having seen some samples, you can then start choosing a topic for your assignment. Make sure you select subject matter that you feel passionately about. If the topic you select is too broad ranging, general or does not really interest you, then this may be apparent in your written work. Moreover, a boring topic is likely to put your readers off.

Draft an Essay Outline

Before writing actually begins, it is essential to create a draft outline for your choice essay. This is a good way of seeing what points or ideas you should include in your paper and how these will be placed. Once your outline is done, around half the work is actually complete. From here, all that remains for you is to:

  • Write an introductory paragraph
  • Write a few body paragraphs for the main section of your essay
  • Write a concluding paragraph
  • Re-read or proofread the choice essay you have written.