Signs and Symptoms of Shopping Addiction

What is shopping addiction

We often read and hear about shopaholics and shopping addiction; these terms left the boundaries of just TV discourse and entered the area of psychology.

What is Shopping Addiction?

It is a mental addiction also called a compulsive buying or shopping. Did you know that nearly 18 million people are affected by this disorder in the United States only? It usually lies in the need of the person to spend funds even without specific necessity and availability of money.
Addiction to shopping is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a health disorder and requires to be legitimately stated as such in order to provide sick people with necessary treatment.

Such people can be attached to specific goods or to the process of purchasing itself. They get pleasure from buying things, which they will not use. Although the scientific basis in this field is small, it has been proven that women are more likely to develop this disorder than men.
Concerning the symptoms of the disorder, they may not be revealed at once. People usually don’t talk much about their problem. Most of those with the shopping addiction may seem to have enough money to spend for buying things, but in fact, they are indebted.

These people usually shop to deal with stress and feel euphoria after shopping. They exceed their credit limits and may even take up shoplifting.
Treatments for shopping addiction include different techniques. This addiction is hard to manage. One of the ways is to cut off from the cash flow and find someone else, whom a person can trust, to deal with finances. Another way is to take part in the special program for addicted people. It is often connected with behavioral therapies and counseling. When dealing with addiction, patients have to identify what their triggers are.

Mostly, this addiction has connections with more serious emotional cases and mental health. If depression is the reason, then this disorder should be treated with medicines.
The treatment of the shopping addiction means interruption of the continuing cycle and development of the new ways of behavior.