Admission or application essays serve the primary purpose of helping an admissions committee evaluate the skills and suitability of applicants from different academic backgrounds. These assignments additionally help schools and colleges decide which applicants are capable of doing well in their particular institutions, not least when it comes to choosing candidates whose high school records are unremarkable.

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Topic Ideas for Admission Essays

Typically, a university or college provides applicants with a topic to write about or a list of topics for them to select from. Very often, these topic choices are of a personal nature and their aim is to help admission personnel evaluate the applicant on a number of criteria e.g. their motivation levels, maturity, long-term career goals, and their writing skills (of course).  The topic provided by one US university, for instance, asked applicants to write an essay on “a person who has impacted your life.” Applicants were additionally asked to explain, “Why and how the person you choose is important in your life.” If you are offered a list of topic choices, try to select one that means something personal to you.

Planning an Admissions Essay and Drafting It

Start by creating an essay outline that lists all your main discussion points. The experience of writing about a personal subject that an admissions board has provided can be somewhat emotional. Nonetheless, it is essential to adhere as closely as you possibly can to the instructions you have been given in order to produce an essay that is properly organized and good quality. If you write in free-flow style or with a solid plan, the resulting paper can end up being haphazard and difficult for readers to follow.

Getting the Tone Right

The tone you should aim to achieve should be a personal one. Because topics like these look for a personal opinion or narrative, it is permissible to write from the first-person viewpoint unless your instructions specifically say otherwise. Despite the personal tone, however, your choice of language should be professional without being artificial or stiff. Slang should be avoided and your language should certainly not be offensive. Remember that your readers belong to the admissions board and they will be expecting the writing quality to meet college standards.


When your draft paper is written, you can begin revising it. One thing that an admissions board looks for is how well the writer is able to follow instructions. When revising your finished essay, compare it to the prompts and other criteria you were given. If all the instructions or criteria are not met, revise your work so that it is a close match.

Another crucial part of the admissions writing process is proofreading. It is important your essay is as perfect as possible in terms of its grammar, syntax, and structure. Why not ask a tutor to review your essay before submitting it? Most likely, they will point out any obvious errors and suggest ways of improving them.

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