Affective Seasonal Disorder Treatment

Winter depression is a usually common for many people when December comes.The lack of light and warmth leads to lowering of the immune system, bad mood, and unwillingness to do anything at all. This phenomenon has a medical name that is a seasonal affective disorder.

Affective Seasonal Disorder Treatment


Beating Winter Depression

First of all, in order to cope with the winter blues, we should be scientifically prepared and understand which factors influence our bodies in a way that we are depressed. It is all about hormones, indeed! Melatonin is made in our body and makes us sleepy. This hormone is produced in a lower amount under the influence of light. So logically, when light days are shorter, the level of this hormone in us is higher, so we are very sleepy and get tired easily.

Furthermore, to avoid SAD syndrome, try to go out as often as you can during daylight, buy brighter light bulbs for indoor lighting. Going out of the country to sunny places are risky, because you may get even more depressed after you come back. Moreover, there is a SAD treatment technique that involves special light boxes. Thus, pay attention to the light and try to spend more time in the light during short days in winter.

What we eat is what we are, especially in winter. To keep yourself mentally fit in winter, consume food that includes carbohydrates. Bread, chocolate, and pasta are fine, still try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Another way to beat winter depression is an active way of life. If you are exercising at least three times per week, you can beat SAD. This happens due to the chemical serotonin that is produced in the human brain during physical activities.

Scientists claim that even a short walk in the daylight in winter can become a powerful trigger to conquer the so-called winter blues.