Main rules of the laughing-stock: what to wear to the prom to surprise everyone

Everyone has once in a while been in a situation when he/she did not know what to wear to a prom. Most young people agree that it is really tough to come up with any idea of what not to wear to prom to look boring and unattractive. No one wants to be the invisible hero on a prom. Thus, it is important to be equipped with the most creative ideas of what to wear to a prom and surprise everyone. Our article will give you some suggestions for creative outfit ideas.

  • Prepare the costume out of the paper. You may use any type of the paper, including newspapers, magazines, paper bags, paper for decorations, wipes or toilet paper, carton boxes, etc. You can introduce your idea as the “ecological outfit”.
  • Another interesting idea of the eco-dress could be the costume with different natural elements – grass, wooden sticks, shells, flowers, paper, coconut peel, nuts, wooden beads, etc.
  • Use any movie or cartoon character to copy the attire. This may be the Superman, Spiderman, Harry Potter, Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc.
  • “The key to the future” costume! Create the dress out of different keys (small, big, or colorful, keys with letters or names, keys with the name of the targeted future employer, keys with the name of the boyfriend/girlfriend).
  • Use Brazilian carnival ideas to create your outfit. Furs, tinsels, head decoration, and surely, the very “open” dress will undoubtedly surprise your classmates. Especially, if you are in a good shape to show your perfect body!
  • If it is a college prom, students can wear the T-shirts/dresses with the names of their teachers and the favorite words or phrases of these teachers. The students from other classes will definitely appreciate the idea of your group
  • The dress of a star. It should be made out of numerous starts, or to be the one big star. The outfit will symbolize the idea of being “a star of this prom”.
  • People will smile if you dress the 17th or 19th century suit. Imagine that you are Baron Munchausen, Musketeer or the Queen. Those dresses look odd today, and, surely, cause laughter.
  • An interesting idea that will surprise your colleagues is to design the dress out of soda bottle caps, or wine corks.
  • The dress of a clown will be funny and adorable. People love old kind memories from childhood.
  • You will surprise everyone if you choose to wear your regular outfit (T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers). Most people expect you to wear something outstanding and different. So, when you appear in your casual suit, people will be shocked.

And, here is our list of what not to wear to prom if you want to surprise. Those things are trivial and expected by everyone. So, if you choose to wear one of these suits, you will not be noticed. Or at least, no one will pay attention to your look.

  1. Classic black suit with the white shirt and tie. This is the sign of tediousness. So, please, avoid this classic look.
  2. Expensive dress by the famous designer. Instead of surprising everyone with the style and price of your dress, you may be left apart. And, almost everywhere, some girl at a prom will have the same dress. You will feel humiliated and stressed!
  3. The ideas of suits used by the stars at the red carpet. Copying the outfit that was worn by Leonardo DiCaprio or Rihanna will not bring you the same fame. Vice versa, you risk wearing the same suit as your groupmate, who also lacks creativity.

Remember, that if you want to impress the audience, you should invent something creative. Your dress should be one-of-a-kind. So, if you buy the suit at the shop, someone may have the same. The ultimate way to your success is to design your own suit and craft it by your hands. You can use any materials, styles, and shapes you like. Just be creative and fruitful. Besides, the hand-made costume will cost pennies while making the incredible effect on the surrounding audience. Use cans, wooden sticks, paper, gums, rings, keys, magazines, boxes, shells, hay, plastic bags, pencils, pins or CDs. Finally, you can experiment with any tools, supplies, and things. Just turn on your creativity, and you will make the best prom outfit that causes a smile on the faces of everyone on the way!