How to Write a Good Exam Essay


Writing a good exam essay requires some craft and knowledge. There’s nothing unattainable here. All you have to do is to follow these 7 easy tips.

Top 7 Tips for Exam Success

1) Answer the Question. The steps to write an essay start with this simple tip. When a student composes an excellent answer that’s not related to the question – it’s a disaster! Before you answer the question, make sure that you really understand it, and only then start to write.

2) Good Introduction. The introduction of the essay offers a precise and interesting summary of the paper. Don’t fall into details here, and don’t repeat the arguments that you use in the main body section. Be original, use short sentences, and choose clarity and simplicity over complexity and fuzziness.

3) Essay Plan. It helps you remember the key arguments and gather all your thoughts.

4) Writing an Argument. Make a statement, explain it, and look at it from a distance. An excellently explained argument shows that you can think critically and have only fact-based opinions.

5) Conclusion. When you are working on the conclusion, you should select the most relevant and strong arguments because your conclusion sums up your work and makes the final impression about your paper. You shouldn’t copy the info from the main body when writing a conclusion, but you should add some new interesting deductions.

6) How Much to Write? The study tips for exams should definitely include this one. The right answer is to write as much as you can during the given time, but you are to mention the information that is relevant. Remember that quality is more important than quantity. It doesn’t mean that you should write too little. It means that you should write an optimal volume of information, which will allow you to cover the topic and avoid going into twaddle.

7) Did You Answer the Question? Just to make sure that you got the first point. When you finish writing the answer, look at the question and make sure that you have answered it correctly. Sounds silly, but students often make this mistake.

Knowing these 7 tips, use them wisely. May all of your exam essays get only excellent marks!