How to Make the Writing Process Easier


When we are talking about the writing process, we can divide it into two parts: where the first one takes your planning, organization, research, and reading, and the second one is the writing, indeed. There are some things that do help me to keep on track in my writing routine, and I definitely want to share them with you. 

I know when I’m the most productive 

I’m definitely not a night owl; I usually do most of my substantial work in the morning. My writing process is not an exception. Someone may be super productive at 6 a.m., while someone’s productivity may reach the necessary level at 6 p.m., it works differently for everyone. You should simply identify your high-energy hours that’s the best first step ever, believe me!

My writing routine

I’d say it goes about the special routine that you need to develop. This way you’ll be more comfortable with both your writing and further things that need to be done. Before I take on my writing, I make my delicious coffee, turn off my phone, and put on my favorite slippers (these are the ones, I wear every time I sit to write). It has become the unbreakable ritual somehow, the amazing way this pair of slippers sets my writing mood. It sounds weird, I’d admit. This works for me and makes me productive and dedicated to writing, letting me feel focused and creative. Sometimes, I turn on soft music, which creates an amazing and nice atmosphere. I have my favorite playlists on YouTube channel, the ones that are made for writing. Believe if you be regular with your similar plan, it won’t be troublesome to write anything within tight deadlines. Develop your routine, the one that will be the most pleasant and productive for you ever! 

The first part, which is your planning, and organization 

This part suggests that you are researching, outlining, and taking numerous notes. To tell the truth, I save myself from losing the main thought and overdoing crazy nonsense ideas by doing this. When you write a book, you don’t know when the inspiration knocks on your door, do you? This part, which is aimed to organize and set a decent plan that you are constantly keeping, helps to be focused and maintain the main idea. Sometimes, the craziest thought ever may strike you in line in the supermarket or in the middle of the night. That is why you need this so-called “safety plan,” as being organized, you are bound to succeed. 

The second part: writing 

When you take on your writing, the most critical moment is your start, which should be an unstoppable one. While exploring this broad range of messy ideas about the dialogues, themes, characters, and conflicts, you no way should stop. Let your brain creates everything right the way it flows, let your imagination free and don’t set limits. Characters of the book are definitely the ones that are of a special significance, and surely, characters are the ninety-five percent of your work. Needless to say, how much time it might take to develop the characters the way they will be exciting to follow and sympathize with. 

It should be a natural flow

Even if it seems to you it won’t work anyway and you are writing a total nonsense, keep writing because that’s the way the best pages ever are written! Even if you are almost lost at your plot and you have no idea what you want to say, keep your fingers on the keyboard. No matter what it looks like: as a piece of a perfect writing ever or a nonsense, YOU are writing.   

Forget high expectations 

The worst enemy is the pressure which you let yourself in by simply bounding yourself to high expectations. You really believe that even the most talented writer creates his/her masterpiece super polished and brilliant right away, do you? If you know anyone, let me see him/her. Because I don’t believe that! Every great writer will edit and rewrite everything many times, so are you still worrying about your writing crap or mistakes? You should loosen up your high expectations and unneeded pressure. 

Before you start writing your book, remember that the main goal is to reveal the readers your thoughts and meanwhile enjoy the whole writing routine.