How to Make Better Food Choices


Making healthy food choices is mostly about overcoming the temptations that we struggle with daily, because let’s face it, most of us know, which foods are healthy and which are not. And you’re making food choices not just during the meal time, but all day long. You just smell, see or think about certain food and the flame of desire starts burning. How to handle “the devil voice” that wants us to eat junk food and how to make healthy food choices that are better for our bodies? It’s not that difficult. Read on to find out!

Making Healthy Food Choices: Top 5 Tips

  1. See what you’re eating. First, study your actual eating habits. Just write down everything that you’re eating during the week, without changing your eating patterns and without judging yourself. Once you’ve done it, take an attentive look at what you’re eating and acknowledge the things that you want to change.

  2. Reduce the consumption of high calorie foods first. You should start your crusade with getting rid of high sugar and high fat foods because it’s plain to see that they’re doing the most damage. Think about the alternatives and start incorporating them into your daily routine. This way, you’ll steadily start cutting calories and improving your diet in terms of nutrient quality.

  3. Know the foods that you’re eating. Take some time to read the labels of the products that you buy. Study the nutritional facts, ingredients, fat and sugar content etc. This procedure may lead you to cutting the consumption of some products.

  4. Eat simple foods. The more it’s processed the less likely you should buy and eat it. Food that hasn’t gone far from its natural state will contain less fat, salt, sugar and other components that you don’t need. To put it simple – choose an apple over the apple chips, because the latter contain almost no apples, but a lot of sugar.

  5. Be realistic. Let’s be honest, if you want an ice-ream you won’t satisfy your craving with celery sticks. Ice-cream is a smooth, sweet and creamy product, so if you want to substitute it, choose a Greek-style yogurt with berries.

Healthy eating habits lead to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle leads to a happier, fulfilling life. So don’t hesitate and start making healthier food choices today!