Funny Resume Mistakes

Silly Resume MistakesA resume is one of the most important documents you will have to write. However, typos and some bad jokes that are found in funny resumes are not as rare as you may think. For most people, these writing resume  mistakes are common due to lack of attention while others experience stress and anxiety that comes when searching for a job or switching to a new career. You might also be very disturbed about getting that new job that you overlook some common errors you would not miss normally.

Some of the funny resume mistakes that are fairly common include repetition, misspelling words and using synonyms. Ensure you proofread your resume accordingly before submitting it. The environment should be one that is conducive for you when you are writing your resume. Some examples of common mistakes include;

  • Saying you are experienced in faucets of journalism instead of facets.
  • You are instrumental in ruining an entire operation instead of running.
  • You are a quick typist and you can type without looking atthekeyboard instead of at the keyboard.
  • Describing your experience on how you are able to demonstrate multi-tasting while you should have said multi-tasking.
  • You may also forget to close check spellings and say that you speak English and Spinach fluently instead of Spanish.

Most candidates are also fond of using acronyms, for example, LOL (Laugh Out Loud) among other humorous mistakes. According to a survey done on hiring managers about some of the writing resume mistakes, it was concluded that the worst resumes are those that are filled with humor and jokes. Examples of these mistakes include;

  • Candidates calling themselves geniuses and requesting the Human Resource Manager to interview them in their apartments,
  • Candidates including phishing as their main hobby in the hobbies part of the CV,
  • Aspiring candidates also make funny resume mistakes of stating that they eat computers as their main dish to mean they are computer literate,
  • Some candidates also speak their mind in a hilarious way thus coming up with funny resumes. For instance in the objectives part, one can be tempted to say that he or she needs the job because there are bills to pay and that they want a life, to go out and party, make their girlfriends or wives happy and have a menu that consists more than just soup.
  • As a candidate, avoid mentioning some social positions like highlighting that you were the Homecoming Prom Prince or Princess in your year.

Not everybody proofreads their resumes as many times as possible to confirm that it is free of any errors. Thus, even the best will always make some mindless and strange slips. Some of them are downright hysterical. Recruiting managers have a hard time determining the best candidate and at the same time laugh at some of the silly mistakes that aspiring candidates make in their funny resumes.

A compiled list of hilarious mistakes made by candidates after a survey done on hiring managers

  • A candidate including a clipart of two cartoons that were shaking hands on the resume
  • On the sex part of the resume, there are candidates who don’t understand the meaning and describe their sexuality, for instance, active among others.
  • In the skills part, a candidate stated that she was bi-lingual and spoke three languages.
  • Several candidates had also included 911 in the Emergency Contact Number section.
  • One candidate stated that he had a lifetime worth of technical expertise. He had gone ahead to state that he was not born and his mother had the option of ejecting a child from her system.

As funny as these mistakes may sound, they are very common among many candidates who still expect to receive a call from the hiring managers that their resumes have been accepted. For you to be on the safe side and to stand a chance to get that job you desperately want, ensure that you have read your resume over 100 times to see if there is anything that needs to be corrected. After you think you have done it all, think again. Give it a rest and get back to it later. You will definitely find something you can change. The next step is sending your resume to some of your friends or family members to check it for you. Every eye will find something different to catch. You can also consider getting an experienced resume writer to close check it for you and to add some more ideas.