Warning: How To Become Dumber

Everyone wants to become better at something. Today, self-improvement is a “panacea” from all kinds of problems you meet. You can find thousands of articles, lists, and techniques of how to develop your performance in one sphere or another.

Yet, few of us care about the credibility of the information we read on the Internet. What if not all those methods are good for our brain? What if we make it worse by practicing something we have no clue about? I want you to read these four pieces of advice you should not follow. Their influence may be just the opposite from what you expect.


Male businessman reading a book charging cord plug wire igniter charge and sketch infographics

  1. Blind confidence in your talent

Superhero movies teach us to believe in ourselves above all. It is not bad until you appear sitting on a chair at nighttime before the deadline strongly believing in your talent and doing nothing. Encouraging people’s talent with no reasons for that is one of the things not to do. Do you remember the success formula? 1% of talent and 99% of a hard work gives you 100% of success. Encourage a worthy labor and hard work. That will work.

  1. Communication first

You cannot complete any task at work without communication and you cannot get promoted without it. Yet, to become worthy of that exact promotion put aside all distractions during the working process. Especially, it is about email alerts and phone messages.

  1. A diet is useful for your entire body

Diets and healthy food considerations are definitely good until it goes to the line when you are always hungry. If you have chosen a diet that includes fast, say “Goodbye” to your brain productivity. It is almost like a brain damage. Instead of a proper work, your brain is busy dealing with your physical stress.

  1. Internet and Television are reliable sources of information

I think this one does not need any explanation. Yet, just in case you think in another way, I will open the terrible truth: even TV-news on the best TV-channel, even the best website ever can provide questionable information.

Be attentive and take care of yourself!