Top-10 Places to Spend Your Weekend When You are a Student

European students are really lucky to enjoy the advantages of Schengen zone with no borders for travelers! So, what are the best places for students to travel? Surely, students will enjoy places where they can have fun for within an inexpensive budget! Here, you can find the list of top-10 destinations for the student weekend getaway!

1. Budapest, Hungary

budapest Budapest, the grandeur on the Danube, is famous for architectural complexes (Royal Palace, The Parliament, Castle District), the picturesque places alongside the Danube River and interesting recreational facilities. The prices in Budapest allow organizing the impeccable weekend without any feeling of the budget scarcity. It is possible to rent the private double room for 30 EUR per night or the dorm bed for 12-14 EUR. The transportation is cheap. The daily ticket that gives access to all public transport (buses, trams, undergrounds, trolleys, cogwheel railway and local trains within the boundaries of Budapest) costs approximately 5 EUR. Besides, one can buy the two-day hop-on-hop-off ticket for 22 EUR that includes the bus tour, walking tours, the Danube river cruise with champagne and the night city tour. Among the top places to visit in Budapest are the spa-parties at thermal baths. One can get entry to the Szchenyi Bath for 18 EUR or combine the tour with a DJ party for 48 EUR. Budapest is cool! The minimum budget for the weekend is around 50 EUR to pay for the hostel, transportation, have two cheap meals and visit thermal baths.

2.Krakow, Poland

river-Krakow Krakow is the beautiful historical center of Poland with the castles and King palaces. What makes Krakow one of the best places to travel as a student? Nice architecture, cheap and tasty national food and drinks, beer, and of course, the famous Aqua Park. The cheap private room for two starts from 25 EUR per night, while the bed in a dorm can cost 8 EUR. The cheapest ride on public transport costs less than 1 EUR though the fares differ depending on the length of the trip. Taxi is also cheap. By the way, the best way to enjoy the Old Krakow is traveling on foot. The entrance to the Park Wodny will cost around 6 EUR. So, book the tickets to this city (most low-cost airlines do have flights to Krakow) and enjoy your time in one of the cheapest and most entertaining cities of Europe.

3. Barcelona, Spainplaza-espana

The princess of Gaudi art, Barcelona, is one the most adorable cities in the world and the best places for students to travel. Warm climate, bright parties, affordable rates and super-shopping definitely add points to this wonderful city. Architecture, parks, Gaudi Art, Castles, and Temples are well accompanied with the Mediterranean Sea and free beaches. The room for two starts from 50 EUR per night. However, if you want to minimize, you can always find the cheap place in the suburbs with the good transportation to the center of Barcelona. Developed public transport is the advantage of the city. Buy the Hola BCN! Card for 12,5 EUR, and you will have the unlimited access to public transportation for two days. Food is cheap! Enjoy the Spanish traditional meals, cocktails (do not forget about the "happy hour" during siesta, when you can buy 2 for the price of 1). One day hop-on-hop-off costs 25 EUR. You can spend a day on historical attractions, and leave another one for a rest on the beach! Perfect weekend, isn't it?

4. Riga, Latvia,

latvia- riga Riga is the pearl of Baltics, the Medieval Old Town set on the Baltic Sea at the mouth of Daugava River. The city offers the full range of water activities, from canal boat tours to beach swimming. Twin room starts from 17 EUR. Of course, it is not the center, but you will enjoy good conditions with a tasty breakfast. Daily ticket for all public transport means costs 5 EUR. Riga is the Baltic's gastronomy capital. So, you will have a chance to taste the national seafood meals for affordable rates (to compare, the same meal in Norway will cost 3 times higher). Affordable rates and Baltic colors make Riga one of the best places to travel as a student.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

prague Prague's unofficial name is The City of a Hundred Spires. The city has many historical and architectural places to visit, including the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Astronomical Clock and St. Vitus Cathedral. Where else can you order a beer without speaking, simply putting the beer mat on your table? It is a beautiful Prague with its own "drinking culture"! It is the capital of the best beer in the world. A minimal budget for the twin room is 18 EUR. 90-minute ticket for any transportation mean costs around 1,2 EUR. Beer pubs, river cruises and city tours are the main attractions to start! But, it will turn that your weekend ends so unexpectedly while there are so many places to see yet.

6. Tallinn, Estonia

estonia- Tallinn The capital of Estonia is situated on the Baltic Sea. What a student can enjoy here? One can appreciate the beautiful medieval architecture, Cathedral, castles and theaters, cheap restaurants, Spa (Kalev SPA Water Park), and interesting Seaplane Harbor. Accommodation for the two is available for 30 EUR and up. Almost all attractions are reachable on foot. Taxi from the airport will cost 7-8 EUR. The public transport single-ride fare is 1 EUR.

7. Lisbon, Portugal

lisbon- Lisbon is the Westernmost point of the continental Europe. The Atlantic Ocean, rich seafood cuisine, Portuguese wine and perfect climate are all the characteristics of Lisbon, one of the best places to visit. It is a perfect finding for the seaside weekend. What is more, Lisbon is proud for its great historical culture. Meanwhile, it is the cheapest Western capital. The twin room in a hotel with an easy subway access can be rented for 20 EUR. Public transportation is well developed. Vintage trams are the attraction on their own. The single-ride fare is 1.25 EUR. In addition to the cheap accommodation and transport, you can find really inexpensive cafes and restaurants.

8. Zakopane, Poland

poland Zakopane is the mountain capital of Poland. In winter, you can enjoy winter sports. In summer, you can relax in a great nature and enjoy the thermal baths. Prices are cheap, as everywhere in Poland. You can find accommodation for 20 EUR for the twin. The unlimited daily ticket to Terma Bukovina (Spa complex) costs 10 EUR. Zakopane is small, so you can get everywhere on foot.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

amsterdam Amsterdam is not that cheap. But it is the unique place for students to have fun. The options are endless, from the canal cruises to the most sophisticated museums. Amsterdam hosts many festivals, events, and concerts. It is the capital of biking and tulips. Just do not set your trip on the "hot date", when the accommodation prices are skyrocketed. Normally, the double room will cost around 50 EUR. A light meal in a café costs around 10-15 EUR. If you are planning to save, it is recommended to buy the 48 hours City Card for 65 EUR. You will have free access to public transport (which is not that cheap) and to the main museums, attractions, discounts, etc.

10. Florence, Italy

florence Florence is a very touristic city. It combines the old architecture, Renaissance culture, and traditional Italian cuisine. It is a romantic destination. The rate for private double room starts from 40 EUR. The unlimited 24-hour bus ticket costs 5 EUR. But, in fact, the historical center is small, so you can walk on foot enjoying the great views and Renaissance atmosphere. Florence is not the best place for the nightlife seekers. But it is among the best places to visit for those, who love art and great food. Now, you have the list of the best places for students to travel with the minimal budget and maximum fun! History and architecture, mountains and spa-parties, aqua parks and excellent beaches are close! Just plan your trip, make sure to book affordable housing in advance, and enjoy your weekend on a full swing!