Tips to Wake Up after a Sleepless and Difficult Night

Lack of a night sleep considerably affects your productivity, focus, and mental capacity. For this reason, the next day at work or school may become a hard one. However, there are some methods you can apply to avoid these negative effects and make everyone think you’re perfectly fine.

What to do after a sleepless night
Tips to Wake Up after a Sleepless and Difficult Night

1. Wake up. Despite what you think, snoozing will only make the situation worse. Sleeping later than usual, trying to reach the eight hours sleep, will affect your body’s schedule and make it harder to get enough rest. So, pull yourself together and get up.

2. Hydrate. And do it frequently. To make sure you get enough water during the day, include products with high water content into your menu (such as iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, watermelons, and carrots).

3. Sunlight. Look out the window, get plenty of sunlight and keep your eyes on the blue sky. Contemplating this color will help you as it reduces the production of melatonin – a sleep-inducing hormone.

4. Use coffee wisely. It’s obvious that you strive for a cup of coffee after a sleepless night. But remember that caffeine overdose may result in headaches, nervousness and general discomfort. Besides, over two cups of coffee a day is believed to increase the risk of heart diseases in some people. Therefore, drink it in moderation.

5. Exercise. Physical activity will improve your blood circulation and induce the release of adrenaline, thus enhancing your attention. Nothing special is required. A few pushups, a short jog or a brief walk will be enough. Moreover, this method will also ensure that you’ll have a good sleep the next night.

Use these morning tips to improve your attention and productivity after a sleepless night. Do you have any other ideas how to look energetic in this situation? Maybe, there are other methods you’ve tried on yourself?