This is your chance! List of awards and grants for students

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Being a student means facing financial obstacles. Today, education is not a cheap delight. There is good news here! Talented students can try their chances and partake in various student award, grant and fellowship programs. Here is the list of the student awards you can use with an aim to obtain financial assistance, tuition waivers and grants:

  1. Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Student Film Awards.
    The levels of awards for filmmaking include Gold ($5,000), Silver ($3,000), and Bronze ($2,000). Four categories (documentary, animation, alternative, and narrative) partake in this contest. The project should be filmed at an accredited U.S. school.
  2. Adolph Van Pelt Scholarship.
    This is the award for students who are at least one-fourth Native American ancestry and submit proof of tribal enrollment. The amount of the scholarship is $1,500.
  3. P.E.O International Peace Scholarship.
    The amount of $8000 is available on a competitive basis for non-American and non-Canadian students who wish to pursue the degree in the US educational institutions. All fields are welcome.
  4. ISF National Film Grant.
    The award of $20,000 for the documentary and $10,000 for the narrative aims to support Muslims, who popularize Muslim culture. At least 50% of the project should be filmed in the US, and at least one of the team-members should be Muslim.
  5. Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for NewAmericans.
    Fellowships are open to immigrants and their children. The applicant has to enter or be admitted to a graduate program in the US. Fellowship offers up to $90,000 financial support for two years.
  6. Taraknath Das Foundation.
    The foundation offers student finance grants and loans to Indian writers and students of all academic levels. The applicant should hold Indian passport.
  7. SCI/ASCAP Student Composition Commission.
    The students of all nationalities and countries are welcome to partake in the composition competition. The only requirement is to be a member of SCI (the yearly enrollment costs $27,5). The prize is $1,250 for the first place and $750 for the second place.
  8. OAS Scholarship Programs.
    OAS offers several types of scholarships for students to study a year of some part-time courses in the partner states. The applicant should not be the resident of the aimed state. The fellowship covers tuitions, boarding and living expenses, and even the traveling costs.
  9. National Association of Black Journalists.
    The organization provides up to $25,000 in financial support for the members of NABJ, who are majoring in journalism and related spheres.
  10. Kenji Kajiwara Memorial Scholarship.
    The award aims to support the members of the Japanese Americans Citizen League who are college, university, trade school students or plan to re-enter the program in any field of studies. The awards for students amount $1,000 to $5,000.
  11. Josephine De Karman Fellowship.
    This fellowship is open to postgraduate students who are pursuing PhD studies in the US or plan to end the program within the next academic year. The amount of the award is up to $20,000.
  12. Indonesian Cultural Foundation, Inc.
    The foundation offers financial assistance to the citizens of Indonesia with the outstanding academic record and significant financial need, who want to study in the US.
  13. $25,000 scholarship for studying the MBA at prestigious CEIBS in China.
    The applicant (Bachelor’s holders from any internationally accredited institution who have at least one year of professional experience in the field) has to complete competition-form at and submit the CV.
  14. Visegrad Fund Grants and Scholarships.
    The organization offers a variety of financial support possibilities, from the small grants to the full scholarships covering tuitions, housing, and stipend. All the grant opportunities from Visegrad Fund could be found at
  15. MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP).
    This program offers scholarships to study short courses in Holland to professionals from 10 countries in the Middle East and Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Syria, Tunisia).
  16. Scholarships from Swedish Institute (SI).
    SI, a governmental institution, offers a wide range of scholarships to finance studies in Sweden to students of different countries. There are many programs, including SI Scholarships for the Western Balkans for master's level studies, SI scholarships for studies for students from OECD/DAC list, Swedish-Turkish Scholarship Program, etc. The full list of opportunities could be found here
  17. French Embassy Scholarship Programs (French Embassy Scholarship Programme and Humanities: SAFeThink scholarship programme). Programmes aim the South African students and provide assistance for Master’s studies in France.
  18. Eiffel Scholarship
    Eiffel Scholarship program is established by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It aims to attract the top international students to study and research in French educational institutions.
  19. Mobility grants for Norwegian Language and Literature.
    The program covers the expenses of international students who plan to research and study Norwegian culture and language.
  20. The Anglo-Norse Scholarships.
    The program pays for the educational expenses of British students in Norway.

This is your chance to win the student finance grant! Your opportunities are endless! Just search online for the awards, grants, scholarship and fellowship programs that fit your interests and background! If you need to get professional assistance with your proposal, is always at your service! Try your luck, and remember that chances are high!