The Most Famous Writers Groups: How to Join Them

The most famous writers groups1There is a long tradition of writing organizations. Most writers from the past belonged to some writers groups, unions, or communities, although those communities were local and represented a certain group of interests. Nowadays the situation has changed. Modern writers can join relatively any type of writing organizations that are located in any spot. Will you ask why? Because most writers groups have online presence and organize virtual seminars, meetings and events.  If you are a writer looking for the writers associations or groups to join, check the list of our suggestions.

  1. The National Writers Union.

The mission of the NWU is to promote and protect the rights of the US writers and improve the economic advancement of its members. NWU represents various types of writers professions, including online writers, academic writers, app content writers, journalists, editors, bloggers, copywriters and other types. Print, multimedia and electronic content writers can join NWU. In order to join the union, the writer has to fill in the membership form ( and pay the membership fee. The fee depends on the writer’s income and length of membership. The membership gives a number of benefits, like additional resources, job offers, press passes, etc. For the US-based journalists the membership is required as it the only valid way to get the press pass.

  1. Digital Writers Union.

The Writers Guild of America, East is the union for American writers creating digital content, television shows and motion pictures. The organization fights for better work conditions, economic benefits and professional growth of its members. In order to join the union, the writer has to contact the organization by filling in the form

  1. Romance Writers of America

The Romans Writers of America belongs to the non-profit writers associations. It associates the more than 10,200 Romance Writers in more than 35 countries. The organization provides the networking and advocacy services. If you are writing romances and want to join this association, you have to choose the most acceptable type of membership. There are three types: general membership for romance writers whose career is writing (costs $99 annualy), associate membership for those who do not see the romance writing as s career (costs $99 annually) or affiliate membership for booksellers and librarians (costs $10). In order to become a member, one has to pay the nonrefundable $25 service fee and fill in the application form that can be downloaded here

  1. Mystery Writers of America

Mystery Writers of America is the organization for all mystery writers and crime writers. The organization promotes the mystery genre, provides scholarships for writers, organizes seminars, symposia and conferences, and even has its own type of award for mystery writers – the Edgar® Awards.  The membership is open for all US-based mystery writers.  The application should be approved by the Board. The annual membership costs $115. In order to become a member, it is required download the application (, fill in, and forward the application and the copy of the payment check to the postal address:

Mystery Writers of America

1140 Broadway Rm 1507

New York NY 10001-7503

FAX: 212-888-8107

  1. The Singapore Writers’ Group

The SWG helps Singapore-based writers to socialize, promotes their art works, and organizes writing sessions, critique groups, and public readings. The yearly membership of the SWG costs SGD 80. One can join in person, postal mail or e-mail. In order to join, the writer has to submit the application ( The complete application form should be delivered to SWG along with the payment confirmation.

  1. Freelancers Union

The Freelancers Union was founded by Sarah Horowitz as an answer to the abnormal growth of independent workforce in current days. This is one of the most notable writing organizations that promote interests of freelancers by advocacy, education and services. In order to join the union, it is enough to create the profile on the website

  1. The National Union of Journalists

This is one of the most powerful writers groups, a voice of journalists that represents the broad range of the professions in media industry of UK.  The organization strives to promote journalists’ freedom, ethical standards and relevant pay for the media workers. It counts more than 30,000 members. To qualify for the membership, the journalist has to earn at least the half of his income from the journalistic professional activity. The minimal monthly membership fee for the full members is £10. There are two categories of full members – staff members and freelancers. In addition, there are other types of membership, including the temporary freelance writers, associate membership, student membership and asylum status seeking members. In order to become a member of one of the biggest and oldest writers associations in the UK, the journalist has to submit the online application form at

If you are the beginning writer seeking for professional growth, our list may be helpful to you as those organizations assist in promoting writing, guaranteeing relevant work conditions and providing benefits for its members.