Taking Responsibility for Your Life

A lot of time I hear people saying, “I did it because I had no choice.” It’s applied in very different situations that encompass a wide range of life circumstances. No matter the difference in particular situations, there’s one thing that unties all these cases – the notion of powerlessness. You say you had no choice. I say it is only your belief. You always have a choice. ALWAYS. 

Taking Responsibility

How to Make a Choice? 

Let’s take the most classic example, when this phrase is used in reference to someone’s work:
“I wanted to pursue my dreams, but I have family and bills to pay, so I have to work at the job that I hate. Because I have no choice!”
Well, really? What about finding the solution that would allow you to follow your dreams and pay your bills? Most probably, it would take more energy than your unfavorable job, but you will be thriving, and you will be living YOUR life. Not someone else’s life.

Look at the experience of all successful people. You think Richard Branson ever says, “I have no choice!” No, he says, “Screw it, let’s do it!”

In order to understand what keeps you from pursuing your dreams and taking responsibility for your own life, let’s take a look at a decision making process. The problem here is that most of the time you’re missing one very important component – you trust your reactions and mental tendencies and give them all the power. Use your neuroplasticity! Change your mental tendencies and give your reactions a different value – it is you who have power over them, not vice versa.

Again, let’s look at an easy example. You think that you should wake up earlier to take care of your body and do some morning exercises, but you fail month after month. And at some point, this constant failure gives you an impression that it’s never going to happen. But it’s just a concept in your mind. You can destroy this tendency the same way you have created it. Apply all your will and take a strong action, and you will see that most of the time you have all the choices. Just do it – get up earlier and do your exercises!
Most of the things that you are dreaming about are within your grasp. Don’t wonder how to get success in life – take action make yourself successful.