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A List of the Greatest Must-Read College Blogs for Students

Top 10 College Blogs Lifehacker It is surely not a coincidence that Lifehacker is on the list of the most popular career blogs – it helps others to make life more managed, productive, easy, and fun. The dominant theme of the college students blog is adjacent to technology and computers however it’s not only about […]

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Why Do Students Forget the Learned Information Fast

Learning and memory are inseparable concepts of the education process around which there have been lots of discussions, a number of researches have been conducted and various strategies have been suggested to improve memory and retentions of the necessary information. The vast majority of students class themselves as “I forget everything” and complaint about poor […]

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Preparation for Efficient Studying

Studying process is quite a tough period of life that should be overcome. Different obstacles, such as stress, depression, difficult material, personal problems always make the conditions harsh to get the most out of your education. Luckily, it is possible to deal with facing problems with a few easy tips. Therefore, here are some best […]

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The Best Winter Books for Your Holidays

It’s getting colder and colder, but what can we do – it’s winter, so let it snow! For those of you who don’t have any snow around and everything looks grey and depressing, here’s the list of 8 books that come out this winter to brighten your day. These books will be a great mix […]

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Self-Care Tips for College Students

Take a minute to think about your body and brain as living beings that also need help and support. We used to take care of our physical shape because we wanted to be more fit and attractive. However, you should understand that the body is closely related to the mind and both of them need […]

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Study Tips for Finals

As soon as you see that finals are about to start, you suddenly begin to realize that with them also comes pretty much stress. Nevertheless, it is not actually supposed to be like that. Make an attempt to follow these recommendations and you will definitely get to know how to prepare for finals. Planning your […]

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Become a Pro at Essay Writing

You may hate essays, but it’s a part of the game for those who want to get their degree. If you’re engaged in conventional education, then you just can’t avoid writing essays. The good news is that essay writing isn’t that difficult. I can tell you, that if you dislike writing essays, then you just […]

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A Few Tips on How to Save Money at School

Coming back to school after the summer holidays is a challenge because there are so many things you should get used to again. One of them is the money-saving mode that you should turn back on. Paying for textbooks, paying off the loan, paying for rent, all these things require money. So, money-saving ideas are […]

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Ideas on How to Become a Straight-A Student

Straight-A student is considered to have the highest IQ level and thus creates competition in the class. Such students have a co-called eidetic memory that is they can absorb information and process it without any effort. Their innate skills allow them to easily pass the exams and tests and experience no problems when writing a […]

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Back To College Life

College days are coming, and you are on the verge of going back to your campus. How stressful is it? Will you shift from rest to working hard well enough? If you are not sure that much, we suggest you a number of tips. Get Everything You Need Do some shopping to get all supplies […]

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Tips for Writing Your College Essay

Trying to put your personality in 650 words isn’t an easy task by itself, but when it’s the thing that also determines your future, the pressure can be too much. The key to success is to dedicate enough time to this activity because that’s not something you want to slack and do half-heartedly. So start […]

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Four Back to School Tips You Definitely Need to Follow

Summer is almost gone, so it’s high time to start preparing for the upcoming school term. The transition from the carefree summer life to the hard work required during the year can be pretty harsh, but there are several ways to make it easier. Schedule your activities during the new school year My favorite thing […]

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