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Simple And Creative Money Making Ideas

Simple And Creative Money Making

Making money is always a relevant topic. When it’s all about simple ways to earn some dollars, the audience listens carefully to all possible tips. There many guides about the ways to make money online and how to make money offline. We’ve decided to make a short list of both ways.

Matched betting

It’s not a popular method of making money, but maybe this is your way. Matched betting is completely legal and risk-free. It works by exploiting free wagers consistently offered by wagering destinations through “matching” them at a wagering trade. There’s no risk because you are wagering both for and against a specific result. It’s a great approach to make $20 per hour sitting at home.

Online surveys

Do you like to fill in different questionnaires? This job is for you. Use your free time to answer questions of online surveys and get paid for that. Look for the organizations which are continually enrolling new individuals to answer studies and test new items. For a couple of minutes of frame filling, you can make money or prizes up to $5 for some reviews! Try Toluna, MySurvey, SurveyBods, Global Test Market, Pinecone, New Vista, iPoll and many others.

Mystery Shopper

This title is becoming more and more popular nowadays. A truly fun cell phone application called Roamler pays you real money for finishing different tasks in your neighborhood. So, look at it first! Then if you like it, look for different offices that pay you for visiting a wide range of shops to evaluate their services.


A good old side job allows you to earn from $6 to $10 per hour for playing games and watching cartoons. What can be more pleasant? Of course, it depends on a child, but you have a wide range of offers on different websites.

Dog walking

In case you don’t like children, try taking care of pets. It’s a great way to spend your free time between classes and to keep fit. You will be surprised how much you can earn for sitting with pets.


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