Pros and Cons of Self-Contained Studio and Shared Flat

Pros and cons of self-contained studio and shared flat

When planning to study in a college, you need to think about a few important questions, and housing is one of them. Even in accordance with the shortest contract, you need to live alone for at least half a year. Therefore, it is crucially important to decide if you want to live alone or find a roommate. Indeed there are significant benefits and shortcomings of any decision, and the following post aims to explore the key ones.

Living together with the roommate


It is much cheaper than to rent a room alone. Usually, the students try to find roommates to economize their savings. The number of roommates depends on the size of a flat, and according to a normal scenario, each person should have a bedroom and share the common rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and toilet.

Besides, it is very exciting. You cannot doubt the fact that living with a roommate is much more interesting than to live alone. Do you remember iconic “Friends”? You can spend time together with your roommate watching interesting movies, listening to favorite music, or talking about the previous experiences and future plans. Besides, if you are living in a foreign country, your roommate is your partner for exploring the new environment. I assure you that the assimilation process will pass more smoothly having a roommate.


Sometimes, the presence of the roommate in your apartment is quite annoying especially when you need to prepare for an important test. On the one hand, you understand that you cannot limit his freedom, but on the other hand, you do not want to listen to this loud music or meet his friends in your apartment. Moreover, you do not know your roommate very well; you both may have different ideas, beliefs and social positions, which can lead to serious conflicts. Besides, taking shower in the morning can turn into a competition.

Living alone


The biggest advantage of living alone is the freedom of actions. You can do what you want and know that nobody will judge you. You can fully enjoy your time and avoid stress about the noisy roommates.


As it was told previously, living alone is quite expensive. You need to spend much money for rent and nutrition. Moreover, you are responsible for many other living expenses such as a vacuum cleaner, light bulb, shower curtain, dishes, and garbage bags. Besides, you are lonely. You do not have a partner for a favorite game, or you cannot have an honest conversation about your fears and doubts in the middle of the night.

In conclusion, it should be said that living alone or not is a very important decision, and you should do it carefully analyzing all pros and cons. Good luck!