National Hug Day: 10 Types of Hug You May Experience

Keep in mind that whether you embrace a stranger or a bosom friend, your mental and physical health benefits are the same.And despite the National Hug Day isn’t a public holiday, let’s honor it examining various types of hugs.

National Hug Day

Different Types of Hugs and Their Meanings

  • The Bear Hug

It is a cozy one, which means you are missed and welcomed. You’re one of the dearest!

  • The Side Hug or The Reach Around

A hug is between two people, which involve a slip around the other’s shoulder. It reminds a half-hug and common among close friends and relatives.

  • The Pat

A kind of how men hug their buddies. The Pat is a tap on the back accepted as a sign of friendly relationships. However, be careful with this one not to give a pat too hard.

  • The Back Stroke

It is when one person rubs the back of the other and in such a way shows the trust and confidence in the hug partner. The Back Stroke is used by the best friends both to share joys and sorrows.

  • Tight Hugs

Those are excessively frequent among overprotective parents and grandparents. You are embraced as tight as possible, which means that you will always be loved and stay a kid to your parent no matter how old you are.

  • The Spinning Hug

This one involves a person to be hugged, uplifted and spun around a couple of circles. If you decide to provide somebody with a Spinning Hug, don’t forget that this is quite a nauseating.

  • The Group Hug

Like in the Group Hug, many people are involved. Try not to appear in the centre of the hug. In case you are, be ready to get squeezed from all sides.

  • The Eye-to-Eye Hug

It is a romantic hug, which is definitely based on a love affair. It involves the maintenance of the eye contact and reciprocal feeling of attraction. The Eye-to-Eye hug is an act attributable to the people who are on the same affection wavelength.

  • The Dance Floor Hug

As long as you are a party animal and fancy spending time in big companies, you should be familiar with the Dance Floor Hug, which occurs spontaneously among people that barely know each other. There is no surprise in hugging a stranger after a few tequila shots, isn’t it?

  • The Slow Dance

Contrary to the Dance Floor Hug, there is a Slow Dance Hug when one person wraps the waist of the other, whereas another holds hands around the neck of the hug partner. It is a romantic way to embrace, which means you are a desperate romanticist.

Don’t be shy to experiment with hugging each other. Maybe, you will come up with one more awkward, but not less pleasant way to express your feelings.