How to Choose Names for Novel Characters

writing novelYou know the feeling of getting filled with pressure while choosing a name for your baby? Well, that is the same feeling that is experienced while choosing good names for characters. The name that you will come up with must suit the character’s personality, be sensible for the era and, more importantly, be an amazing one. Character names like Shrek, Harry Potter among others are memorable not only because they are remarkable but also the fact that it was the perfect name that suited the characters very well. When writing a novel, don’t get stuck trying to come up with character names. Here are some amazing tips that will help you to choose a good Novel character name.

You might consider choosing good names for characters that clearly illustrate a person’s personality. Before giving a name to your novel characters, it is important to know the inner meaning of the name. A good name will help readers travel through your story smoothly. On the other hand, a bad character name that doesn’t suit the characters personality simply makes the story boring. You might also borrow a name from a family member that has contributed a lot to your life. But first you must ask for their permission. You might find some of their personality trait showing up in your story.

If you are a person that loves symbolism, then it will be very easy for you to choose character names for your Novel. You can go to a name generating website and type your theme to find names that match it. For instance, if your type the theme manly and strong, you will find a name like Andre. Apparently, you can come up with names and then type them into a name translating engine and get their meanings.

 Names should be age appropriate. It is important for a writer to know their era. For example, you want a good character name for your 18 years old character. You might want to consider the names that are commonly used. Names such as Maya and Chloe are commonly used for modern-day girls. If you are looking for a character name for an old woman who was born during the Second World War, then look for birth names that were commonly used during that time. Examples of such can be, Evelyn, Elizabeth among others.

The other idea is trying out new and creative names. Try your best to make it more memorable and one of a kind. Look for unusual names and combine them with usual ones and vice versa. For instance, you can use the name of your pet and combine it with the name of your residential street.  You can also combine the names of your friends to come up with good names for characters. But you must ensure that the names fit the personalities of your characters.

 Your Novel might be made an audiobook or even an e-book, in many cases they are text-to-speech enabled meaning that the book will be read out loudly. Difficult names will be hard to be pronounced. Therefore, a writer is required to be more precise and utter their character names out loudly to see if they are unclear. Good character names might sound good when written down, but when pronounced out loud, they are very unclear. This will greatly affect your novel and kill the reader’s motivation.

There are certain names that start with the same letters for both names. For instance, if your character’s name is Jesse Johns then the alliterative initials would be J.J. You may also come up with more alliterative initials as your character names and think them through properly. But you must be cautious because you may come up with names that are a real person’s and use it as a character’s name maybe in your crime fiction novel. This person might sue you for that. Also, avoid coming up with character names that all start with the same letter. The monotony will make the novel very boring.

These ideas will help you on choosing good names for characters in your novel hence making it more amazing to read.