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How to Build Relationship with Professor

Recollecting my ups and downs in college, I believe that my biggest mistake was failing to build the effective student teacher relationship. I supposed that it was not that important, but I was wrong. When the moment to ask the teacher for a recommendation letter came, it turned out that they knew nothing about my abilities and could not assist. Thus, I would like to warn you of my mistakes and provide the list of effective tips that will help you to succeed in your educational institution and build successful student teacher relationship.

  • Start with introducing yourself. After the first class, do not hesitate to go to professor`s desk and introduce yourself. Be positive and your teacher will remember your smile and sincere words.
  • Find your professor in the social network. This life hack will help you to understand your professor and his/her interests better. From his/her personal profile, you may learn more about hi/hers professional activities and hobbies which will be particularly useful in your personal communication. Indeed, every professor and student can come to a mutual understanding knowing each other closer.
  • Make yourself visible for your professor. It does not mean that you should raise your hand every time, but be ready to support your viewpoint in the most interesting discussions. I assure you that all the teachers highly appreciate progressive ideas and critical approach.
  • Be respectful. How would you feel if you had to speak in front of the classroom in a noisy atmosphere? It is very difficult. Thus, be ready to listen to your professor carefully. If you want to build strong professor and student relationship, show your respect.
  • Get good grades. You will never gain the respect of your professor showing poor progress. Ignoring the assignments or doing them wrong, you may forget about building successful student teacher relationship. Thus, you need to be diligent and hard-working.
  • Talk to your professor about your future goals. If you get good grades and show significant progress, your professor can recommend you as a potential employee. You need to understand that your professor attends a lot of conferences where he/she meets the directors and managers from various corporations. If he/she knows you as a determined person, he/she can easily recommend you for an internship.

Building a successful relationship with professors in college can help a student to succeed, get a well-paid job, and achieve the desired goals!

How to Speak to Your Professor

Let me start by saying that the majority of people find professors to be very intimidating. Nevertheless, appropriate communication with them might have a positive effect on your success in college and future professional achievements. The following tips are meant to help you benefit from being able to talk with the bright minds and their assistants.

  1. Find Professors with Enough Time and Desire to Speak to You
    Easily approachable instructors will definitely suggest that their students come to office hours and will attempt to arrange many office hour sessions. Choose the timing correctly as well, don’t just wait until the end of the study year.
  2. Try Talking to TAs or Other Assistants First
    These people are also clever and might be very helpful in establishing a healthy relationship with your professor. At the same time, they are usually more open and easygoing than their respective professors.
  3. Keep it Simple and to the Point
    At first, it’s much better and productive to think of a purpose, problem, or any other issues you might seek help with. Later on, things might well become much less official. It is not that difficult to make friends with them, it really depends on whether you have an interest in the subject or not.
  4. Don’t Cut Communication Lines
    Talking with a professor for a period longer than the length of a particular class is a good way to enhance your skills. Try to keep the ball rolling all the time – invite him or her for lunch or a coffee break. Good relationships can always ensure later success.
  5. Ask Them when in Doubt
    Don’t be afraid to approach and ask important, sometimes not very clever questions. A good professor can also be a reliable source of information and will be willing to help you achieve success in college.

To conclude, talking with a professor does not have to be intimidating. What is more, if you learn how to do it properly, you will open an endless source of possibilities.


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