Automatic Writing

 Automatic writing, also known as psychography, is the process of producing words, sentences, and even paragraphs inadvertently by connecting with soul and channeling spiritual energy directly into writing. Psychologists believe that it is a psychic ability and a form of free writing, which many people find easy to learn.

The reason it does not require tremendous efforts to master automatic writing is because the very process of writing signals and prepares your mind to tap into inspiration, messages, and concepts. Holding a pen in your hand and setting out to produce a piece of writing, make your brain tune into the act of writing and watch out for some sort of information, idea, or message coming through. This is a natural process that links your spirit energy with intuition, so there is nothing intimidating or weird about receiving messages from an inexplicable source.

Once you have a pen and a notebook nearby, you are ready to get in contact with the world of spirit. Keep in mind that if you focus on developing automatic writing skills purposefully, the chances are you activate your psychic senses that will eventually help digest and decipher the guidance of a being or the beings from the realms of spirit you are trying to connect with. Note, instead of blocking out the process of channeling by feeling surprised or mixed-up, you should welcome spirit and enjoy your “out of this world” communication. You can also use your computer for this ritual if you are not into old-school habits, it should do the trick as well.

Step-by-step Instructions on How to Do Automatic Writing

As soon as you are ready to kick it off, take a deep breath and relax letting your body and conscious feel the soothing effect. Apart from a pen and notebook (or computer), opt for a secluded place with no distractions. It does not necessarily have to be dead silence around, but it is a well-known fact that a peaceful environment facilitates more productive mental activity. Then, it is time to call upon the White Light and reach out to your guardian angels and spirit guides. Once you feel you are in a bubble of Divine white light, you should direct your mental power toward establishing the connection, open your chakras, and embrace the energy of the Divine.

Other important tips:

  • Imagine how your energy flow is coming through you.

  • Visualize the Diving at the core of the earth, and find a sense of oneness with the earth and the realm of spirit.

  • Breathe in and breathe out deeply.

  • Feel the White Light penetrates your subconscious.

  • Let the light flow up along your spine as it enables to activate your chakras.

  • At this point, open and stay focused. Place your pen to paper and start writing… “I now urge my guardian or angel of the light to come to me through automatic writing and relay a message full of wisdom and truth that will serve me in good stead on my path.”

  • Now simply take a deep breath, relax, open your soul, put your pen to paper, and wait for the message to emerge.

  • You may notice how your pen is moving on its own being inspired and driven by some uncanny powers that make sentences or one word spring up in your head. Do not ignore whatever crosses your mind, write it down as it might be of incredible value;

  • Keep writing and do not pay much attention to the meaning or sense of separate phrases or sentences. Do not judge, you are a newbie here;

  • The worst thing you can do is to assume that you are under a delusion and set yourself up for a failure of this experiment.

How do you know that it is the connection with the Divine rather than delusion?

  • Similar to other things related to the communication with spirit, automatic writing requires that you show a bit of trust and believe in its existence, because initially, you cannot be sure that you are doing things in a right manner. If you immerse yourself in automatic writing with the thoughts like “this is ridiculous, it will never work for me…” or “I cannot do this….”, you will definitely end up getting nothing out of this process.

  • But if you are enthusiastic about the experiment and believe that your angels will visit you, you will certainly notice profoundly positive results of automatic writing.

  • The safest bet to master automatic writing is to visualize a positive outcome of your interaction with spirit, demonstrate your serious intentions to connect, and start pouring your thoughts onto the paper without stopping.

  • The more you practice automatic writing, the stronger the connection with the realm of spirit you establish. If you feel that writer’s block is looming on the horizon, start asking questions and be inquisitive. Keep writing to let an answer come through.

  • Do not try to extend the session with your spirit, angel, or guide. Show your gratitude to them and feel your energy restoring in your body. Make your charkas seal to block out all the negative energy surrounding your aura.

  • The most rewarding thing about this form of writing is that you get to read the message from spirit. Make sure you give yourself some time to get the hang of the text. It is advisable to arrange the fruits of your communication in a journal so that you could analyze previous messages and observe your progress in deciphering them.

  • Do not get upset if you are unable to retrieve precious information as much of your angels will want to get across is simple yet brimming with love.

  • Keep your interaction positive and make sure you have kind-hearted intentions. Otherwise, you may come across mystifying dark messages. In that case, stop and ask the White light for protection.

If you follow these tips to the letter, you cannot go wrong. Who knows, maybe your experiment with automatic writing will be so fertile that you could become a prolific author of insightful scientific papers or absorbing fiction.