Essay Writing Tips

For those who enjoy writing, essays are a great intellectual exercise where a writer uses a limited word count to express solid arguments on a complex topic.

The problem with essay writing is that when you write them regularly, it’s easy to get stuck in the cycle of similar thought patterns. Being in this comfort zone doesn’t allow you to grow, which is a threat to your personal development. Here are some great ways to write excellent essays and get rid of the old thought patterns.

Becoming a Better Writer

  1. Read other people’s essays. Offer other people to read your essays, and they will allow you to read theirs. Reading the essays of other people written in different styles on different topics will help you enrich your own style. When reading other people’s essays, be critical – see what you like about them and what you don’t and make conclusions that can improve your own writing style.
  2. Build your vocabulary and use it properly. It’s one of the basic and most valuable tips when answering the question “how to improve writing skills?” It’s important because the richer your vocabulary is, the more clearly you can express yourself. In order to enrich your vocabulary:
    • Use a thesaurus – in case you notice that you’re using the same words over and over again;
    • Make use of ‘word a day’ subscription – this way you will get acquainted with a new word every day (Merriam-Webster offers such subscriptions);
    • Read a lot and use a dictionary – if you don’t understand the meaning of certain words.
    • Learn roots, suffixes, and prefixes.
    • Start a big vocabulary book.
  3. Words to help develop an argument. A lot of people overuse “also.” Try to replace it with such words as “however,” “furthermore,” or “moreover” to develop your argument. These words are a natural way to guide the readers to certain conclusions.
  4. Tell the reader what other people say. Essays give you a great opportunity to demonstrate how widely read you are. Both you and your teacher will enjoy an essay full of quotes from the reliable and well-respected sources. But don’t be carried away by over-quoting because it may look like you’re hiding behind other people’s opinions. Mix the citations with your own thoughts.

We hope these essay writing tips will help you become a better writer!