Different Clothing Styles

Men’s fashion style

Each of us wants to be unique and has his/her personal style of clothes. Sometimes, it is hard to do this because of many quick-change various fashion trends. It is impossible to catch up with or follow all of them, and it is unnecessary! Here we propose you the top three clothing tips, which help you to look unique and fashionable, attractive and trendy.

  1. Physical features

Physical characteristics are the basis of your style. As each of us has his/her physical advantages and disadvantages, the correctly selected clothes can help us to highlight our strengths. For instance, Nick with his colored skin and hair, almost two meters high and one hundred kilos of weight wears well-knitted clothes with horizontal lines, jackets with buttons and chooses classic dark-light color gamut to make himself wider and proportional, and thus save his natural appearance. Instead, James, from North African, with the same weight and the height of 1, 67 meters prefers 2-button short jackets with a narrowed waist to emphasize his waist and breast, pants with vertical stripes to make himself visual longer, as well as the contrast of colors to show his sunburnt skin.

  1. Your climate and profession

It is clear that your style of clothes depends on the environment of your living place and job. For instance, Tom, a school teacher, usually combines sports jackets with blue jeans and color shirts and wears the classic suit at the official meetings. Since it is a cold climate in the place where he lives, Tom prefers woolen clothes. Another man, Mike, a bank worker, wears suits and ties every day. As there is always hot here, he chooses clothes made of cotton or tropical wool, which allow him to feel comfortable during the whole day.

  1. Desires and opportunities

The last primary point is your desires and wants. It is unnecessary to be rich to look the way you want. For example, if Tom wants to look creatively, he just puts a focus on such details as the pocket square in his jacket, knot cufflinks in shirt cuffs, and offbeat shoes! These simple things make him unique and satisfy his desire. On the other hand, Mike wears a long red tie to show that he is a leader in this bank and official colorful suits to stay unique every day. Also, he is always short cut and has a unique cologne.

In conclusion, just remember that only you can create your personal style of clothes. So, do not be afraid to make experiments and realize that the most important is not to be fashion dressed but to be satisfied with your choice.